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Sunday, April 17, 2022 (Easter)

There is a good ole boy comedian by the name of James Gregory. I think he is hilarious. His material is totally clean and is based upon his everyday experiences. Each routine is two or three minutes long and is easily accessible on U Tube. He should bring some smiles to your face and you can watch him with anyone any age and even those with the most uptight sensibilities.


The post-Passover concert was about two hours of Kay Starr and then about four hours listening to Mel Torme. They were both great singers——-totally different but each extremely talented.

I own a 4 CD Set called “Mel Torme—-Jazz and Velvet." Each CD is about an hour; the first three have 24 songs and the last 23. Torme was a fascinating personality. The story of his life is one of the few books I have ever read from cover to cover twice.

I finished Saturday musical concert with another all-time favorite that is probably unknown by the vast majority of you, but I promise a great experience for anyone who loves old fashioned “saloon songs”. The album coincidentally is called “Saloon” and is by Dorothy Loudon, who is rarely thought of as a worthwhile singer. This is another album I have listened to an unbelievable number of times. It was made in 1991. The notes to the album were written by Bobby Short, the quintessential saloon singer, so you can bet it is outstanding.

In addition to a very good “Some of These Days”, some of my other particular favorites are “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”, “It Had to be You” with its great verse, and a brilliant medley of “Nobody” and “Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out”.


How can Liza Minnelli not have received a Kennedy Center Honor? That is ridiculous. Remember, the award is never given posthumously.

Reminds me of the divorce lawyer joke where the lawyer asks the 90 year old couple why the wanted a divorce at this stage of their lives and they replied “we were waiting for the children to die”.


In the middle of my sleep last night, I got up to check the Marlins score. They were behind 8 to 0 in the 2nd inning. Saved my have-to-follow-the-game, which they eventually lost 10 to 3.


Something must be done about MTG. Last weekend, she was the keynote speaker at a white nationalist event. The audience cheered on Putin, singing his name and rallying behind his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Maybe she can be kept off the ballot, but if she is on the ballot, and re-elected, I think her district should be quarantined. Any constituency that re-elects this whacko deserves to all lose their citizenship and be deported to Russia.

What is even more frightening is that MTG is not the only elected official with the same views, and even more frightening than that is the cheering crowds.

I am sure there are many explanations as to how this all happened. Unfortunately, everyone has to share some of the blame. Often, doing nothing is extremely dangerous. Our Country is quickly getting out of control.


Easter is a major holiday in a lot of places, but particularly in Italy. It is always very exciting to be here at this time of the year. Easter is called ”Pasqua”, and then tomorrow is Little Easter, which is called “Pasquetta”. It is great fun just looking in the windows of the candy stores to see all the incredible Easter candies, most of which are chocolate, and many real works of art. There are chocolate Easter eggs almost too big to lift.


I think Russia just has a couple of more weeks to pay some major debt which may be impossible for them to do. Better hang on tight if that happens.


Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and


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