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Saturday, September 9, 2023

Biggest news is is Federal Judge refused to remove Meadows’ case to Federal Court. This means, among other things, that there will be cameras in the Georgia courtroom. It also reduces my some non quantifiable but significant amount, the chances of a white wing conservative being in the jury pool. Other defendants my try to remove, but if Meadows failed, the others are likely to fail as well. I am very pleased.


I am also very pleased that Nancy Pelosi will be running again for her seat in the House. Yes, I like new blood, but this woman repeatedly can give Master Classes. She is a brilliant legislator, still at the top of her game. Her wisdom is badly needed because Jeffries has not yet distinguished himself, and he has had several opportunities.


I was very unhappy yesterday with most of those I have entrusted, and paid immediately when asked, in connection with a number of tasks I needed to get done. If I operated my law practice in the same manner, I would have been a failure. If I take your case, my commitment must be to you to finish it, and that may entail telling someone else, they have to wait.


Great win on the road by Marlins v Phillies. It was a very well played game on both sides


Amazed Alcatraz got beat in the semis of the U.S. My bet is the television audience for the final will be way down. Djokovic may even be the crowd favorite.


If I were Willis, i would consider making very lenient deals with those who have asked for a speedy trial. Then get the court to set one trial for all defendants starting December 1, 2023. Trump’s problems are more theoretical than realistic. Despite his protestations to the contrary, he will never testify, and he will have separate legal teams in Georgia and Washington and probably New York. If there is an overlap, the courts will address at that time, and Trump does have a private plane


Those who support Trump or DeSantis or any other present Republican candidate, tell me how you reconcile that support with maintaining our democracy or don’t you care?

The pundits are beginning to wake up about Tuberville. Close all the military bases Vin Alabama and see what happens

The democrats should start working now to get the military vote.


If one belongs to a synagogue, they are or should be familiar with the number of ways one can make contributions. For example, there is a building fund, a school fund, a library fund etc. If one wants their contribution to be used only to improve the library, that is the only use to which that money can be put. There is also always a rabbi’s discretionary fund and contributions so designated can be used by the rabbi in his or her sole discretion.

I think the President of the United States needs a discretionary fund. We can debate the amount and the other details but you should get the idea. We can refine that and also give the President the ability to hurdle the Tuberville's in the world. If everyone agrees but one person, the President gets to overrule that person and can do so two times per year on a cumulative basis.


I think Neal Katya is really smart and does a great job on CNBC analyzing the legal issues. Others are varying degrees of good, but I put this man at the top.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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