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Saturday, September 24, 2022

First, a matter of very exciting personal privilege. Our Granddaughter Alanna (son Charles’ youngest) was admitted to the nursing program at Central Florida just a few days after applying. Where she ends up is yet to be determined but now all the pressure is off.

Alanna is named for my Father Allan. She is trilingual as speaks Hebrew and Spanish fluently. Alanna has wanted to be a nurse for a long time and I can never recall a person her age, more suited to a chosen career. She will be a great, really great nurse.

Three cheers for this young lady whose admission actually brought me to tears. In a world where so many things go wrong, this is exactly right.

By the way, neither Barbara nor I are gushing grandparents. We adore all 7 but rarely talk about them (or want to hear others talk about their grandchildren).


It takes less than three minutes to watch on YouTube but I like to watch certain fight scenes from the movies. One of my favorites is from The Presidio called “My Right Thumb”. It is Sean Connery.


I hope you heard President Biden’s rebuttal to Kevin McCarthy. Among other things, he said

1. He would veto any national abortion ban.

2. Pledged he would protect Social Security and Medicare.

3. He said you cannot be patriotic if you do not condemn what happened on January 6.

4. He pledged to support the 2nd Amendment, but was clear that assault weapons had to be banned. The drafters of the Constitution didn't envision AK47s. He pledged to take on the N.R.A.

If it's possible, Biden should do what he did Friday as often as he can. He finally started tooting his own horn. Yeah!


I have a really serious question for you Jewish Republicans. How in hell can you be a Republican when 64% of your party is in favor of the United States being a Christian country. Are you serious? Sorry, I just do not get it.


This should be really interesting, Governor DeSantis is going to go to trial before a Federal Judge in the case where he (allegedly) wrongfully fired the Hillsborough State Attorney. I do not recall a sitting Governor ever actually going to trial. I will believe it when I see it.


Went to the Marlin game with son Steven. A man was introduced to the crowd sitting in the second row behind home plate who has not missed a single home game all season. That is impressive.

Marlins won 5 to 2


If I could have been anywhere in the world last night, I would have wanted to be at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles where Albert Pujols hit two home runs numbers 699 and 700 of his career. Wow!

Now I will start rooting for Judge to hit as many as he can to surpass Maris and maybe even a one or two of Sosa’s years.


Will watch Michigan game at noon as I get ready to host a sangria party for Democracy Day.

I am missing Alcantara pitching tonight, but trying to get out the vote in favor of those trying to preserve a woman’s right to choose seems more important. Getting rid of Rubio and stopping DeSantis now is crucial.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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