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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Trump has already sent the message that if he is indicted over the documents he took, this country is going to see trouble the likes of which it has never seen before. He has said the people just will not stand for it.

Vanity Fair posted a headline that reads “Trump All but Calls For Another January 6 if He’s Indicted Over Classified Documents”. This must be followed up on now. Otherwise, if he is indicted, if there is big time trouble, Trump will say he had nothing to do with it, all he was doing is predicting what would happen.

He must be pressed now to go on record as being against such violence and to let the criminal process proceed in its normal course. Trump wants the violence and would never do what I suggest he do now. We cannot wait to respond later. We need to anticipate what can be coming and prepare now.

His lawyers should be put on the spot as well. Try to get them on the record as not being in favor of violence as a means of protest. If possible, get the to say they will resign if there are any violent protests. ——————————— I suspect the D.O.J. Is looking at the possibility of moving to recuse Judge Cannon.

Adverse rulings are not a valid basis for recusal, but Judge Cannon did much more than rule for Trump. She basically ruled that, without hearing any evidence supporting this conclusion, she does not accept D.O.J.’s representation that the records taken jeopardize our national security.

Sounds like she has prejudged the case and that is a basis for recusal. Any such motion must be filed very quickly. —————————- Went to Lexis yesterday because ripped off the mirror on the driver’s side. A tree jumped in the way as I was backing out of the garage. Costs me about $2000 to get mirror replaced. Will get done Monday so they gave me a loaner. Problem then became that there was barely enough gasoline in the loaner to get home with it and back on Monday. Gas gauge said I had a driving range of 27 miles.

Give me a break! This is an agency from whom I have bought or leased two cars every three years for maybe 30 years. it has been so long that two or three of the salespeople with whom I dealt retired. Being a good customer is meaningless in the car business. ——————————— Marlins lost another one run game to the lowly Nationals. ——————————- Pujols hit 698. Yeah! ——————————— Nice dinner last night with son Charles and his family. Two of his three children are away at college so the ranks were depleted.. ———————————— What Ron DeSantis did, really as a political stunt, is so appalling that I cannot believe people are not protesting at the Governor’s Mansion and around Florida.

So far, I have not heard any statement from Trump —————————— Looking forward to the Lady Gaga concert. Been a long time since I have been to a major concert. Our kids and grandkids go much more frequently than we do. In fact, they get really excited about going to concerts that cost a fortune performed by people I never heard of.

Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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