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Sunday, September 11, 2022

Well, opening day for the Dolphins. Barbara and I have been season ticket holders since the franchise came to town. I have missed very few home games in all these decades, and am confident that for each home game I missed, I saw a game on the road. ————————— The Marlins stunk it up. Guess Mets did not take kindly to losing Friday night and jumped out to a 10-to-1 lead. I chose to not go to game and watched Michigan game instead. True Hawaii is not very good, but Michigan played a flawless first half and won 56 to 10.

First had dinner with Beth and her family at Cilantro. Not only were they packed, but the takeout orders were stacked at the front ready to be picked up.

Normally, I would watch a lot of college football, but the death of Queen Elizabeth and a new King has, surprisingly, hooked me. We have spent a nontrivial amount of time in England and I studied English History. I am enjoying the refresher course ——————————- Wonder if any of our Past Presidents will be invited to the Queen’s funeral. Biden has already announced he will be attending.

Turns out Biden can decide who to bring. Jake Tapper thinks it would be “clever” to invite Trump. I doubt Trump would ever fly on the same plane as Biden. Not sure he would even go on his own plane and be in such a subordinate position. —————————- It was just about this time in September of 1958 when I met Barbara in Ann Arbor. Virtually and entire lifetime has flown by so enjoy every single day.

In a few weeks, we go to Ann Arbor for my fraternity reunion. My fraternity is no more but it was next door to Barbara’s sorority. At least two other of my fraternity brothers will be attending with their wives who were sorority sisters of Barbara’s. —————————— Sorry this post is late, but the Michigan game was delayed starting for an hour due to bad weather, and I did not get to bed until very late. Not much in the way of News anyway. ————-+—— The South Carolina Senate ran into some opposition trying to restrict abortion even further. I think that will happen more and more frequently. The Republicans are like the dog who chased the car but caught it. It is not a new lesson: “Be careful what you pray for”. ————————- Good luck Harper and Steven, off to look at colleges. ————————— Check out Louie Goemart, another Republican right-winger from Texas. ————————— What do you all think of new changes in baseball rules? I am fine with all but barring the shift. ————————— Go Ukraine ( which seems to be doing just that), and vote because your life depends upon it.

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