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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Whatever happened to the Bret Favre story? It just seems to have disappeared.


Michigan football team has a bye today. I feel very let down.


If the Republicans take control, they are likely to cut off funding of the January 6 Committee. Is it legal for a Bloomberg or Gates to provide the funding? That would be a very good use of their money.

Another question re the Committee: It loses both Republican members who were very effective. Cheney because she was beaten and Kinzinger because he chose not to run. What happens to those seats? A Republican Speaker could appoint, no doubt would appoint, two nightmares. That Speaker, presumably McCarthy, would have a lot to choose from


The drama continues with my insurance company with respect to my having a sufficient amount of my prescriptions for an extended time out of the country. It is a nightmare and after numerous hours, I still cannot get it done. Sometimes, even calling the number I have been told by the company to call, I am told it is the wrong number. Cannot make this stuff up.


Joe’s Stone Crab was great. $128.95 for each order of jumbo crabs. $88.95 for large. Great fried chicken $8.95. Duh!

I rarely eat dessert, but damn their key lime pie is the best.


Four months in jail for Steve Bannon. He was respectful to the Judge but threatened the Attorney General with impeachment if Republicans win.


Lindsey Graham has taken an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court. Wow!


Tonight birthday party for son Charles and grandson Jaden, who have birthdays four days apart.

———————- All I want for Christmas is Trump indicted.


I have read enough about Tom Brady to last two or three lifetimes.


Kenya West has a lawyer to try to help him save all the deals he has that are in jeopardy due to his anti-semitic remarks. However, guess what, his divorce lawyer is Jewish. Valencia has severed all ties with him.

I once had a consultation with a man who really was not fond of Jews say to me, “My daddy told me if I was sick find a Jewish doctor, and if I was in trouble, find a good Jewish lawyer,” so will you take my case?”.


In the past year the deficit went down by $1.4 trillion. Why are not the Democrats screaming this fact from the rooftops?


Trump was served yesterday by a subpoena by the January 6 Committee. He has been asked for documents, he has been asked to testify, and he has been asked to advise the Committee if he intends to invoke his 5th Amendment privileges. I have no crystal ball, but my money is on Trump’s doing nothing. I do not think he will testify, nor produce a document, nor address the issue of his invoking the the Privilege.

Trump will try to run out the clock. If the Republicans take control of the House, the Committee will be disbanded. No lawyer worth a sou would advise him to cooperate. Trump repeatedly ignores good legal advice but I do not think he will this time.


Watched a good baseball game where the Phillies, now at home, went ahead of the Padres 2 to 1 in the best of 7 to see who goes to the World Series. Houston looks like it will beat the Yankees. No matter which teams win these current series, few would have bet that the Dodgers, Mets and Braves would not make the World Series. Add the Yankees to that list and the odds would have been enormous. In other words, a bet where the bettor takes those four teams and gives away all the other teams would have been a short odds bet.


Please think very, very carefully about this election. Compare what is likely to happen if the Republicans win. Do not focus on what you do not like about the Democrats. I dislike a lot of things that have happened, but so what? The alternative is worse. It is like getting old. I rather be old than dead.

Our Democracy, your individual rights, social security, Medicare, help for Ukraine and many other things you treasure will be gone, gone, gone if the Republicans win. Those who flagrantly broke the law will never be punished and our whole economy could be destroyed because the Republicans will not raise the debt ceiling. Listen to me folks. Wake up to what is happening


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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