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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Why has not Ukraine, and particularly its President and First Lady, stepped in to help the Democrats? Marjorie Taylor Greene has announced in no uncertain terms that if the Republicans take control, not another nickel for Ukraine. What an abominable position for multiple reasons. Where are all the American voters, particularly the Ukrainians, in terms of trying to get out every vote.

There are still about 100,000 Democrats just in Broward County where I live who have not yet voted. If the Republicans win as they are favored, the Democrats have themselves to blame. There are about 20 million more Democrats than Republicans in this country, and those are numbers before the lunatic fringe MAGA Republicans came on the scene. This midterm should not even be close.


Had another stress test today. Went to pharmacy to pick up 90 days of prescriptions and pharmacist told me Aetna, who approved this in writing, had now put a hold on it. I spent an agonizing 55 minutes on the phone with three different representatives in Aetna’s pharmacy department before I got it worked out. I then had to go back a few hours later to pick up the pills, of course. I believe it was the first time in my life that I refused to accept an apology. It seems the twilight zone is not just limited to the political world. It has permeated just about every walk of life.


Think about this people: The Republicans, with few exceptions, have ridiculed, scoffed, ignored, tried to spin for their own political gain, the fact that Paul Pelosi’s head was knocked in with a hammer. The Republicans are so afraid of Trump and Trump Jr that they have become savages. I do believe they might eat their young if it meant winning an election.

If I did not see all this happening before my own eyes, I would deny it could happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Holy shit, when is just plain common decency going to return? I truly am not sure it will. Even my Wife, who is still working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, is ready to throw it all in. She will continue her efforts through this Tuesday and then I think we both will just move on enjoying as much as we can whatever years we have left. As Kurt Weill wrote in “ September Song”, “the years dwindle down to a precious few”.


I did not buy a single ticket for the powerball lottery. However, I am declaring a win. Where do I go to get my winnings?


Michigan should beat Rutgers handily. I hope Harbaugh does not pour it on which he may do to prove that Michigan should not have dropped to 5th in the rankings.


Until the Michigan game starts tonight at 7:30, I will be helping my Wife with her get-out-the-vote efforts. My principal contribution is to serve all the volunteers the sangria which I make that most people enjoy. Two ingredients that make a huge difference are Cointreau, easily obtainable, but expensive, and an Italian sweet wine called Vin Santo that I bring back from Italy because it's almost impossible to find here. It is the wine that the Tuscans use to dip the biscotti (cookies) .

There is a lot of fruit that sits in the pitcher, sometimes for months -- things like cut-up oranges and apples. People can become pretty inebriated just eating what looks like a fruit cocktail. The main Ingredient is a red wine, generally a mid-priced Chianti, but from time to time if a little wine or champagne is left over, I throw it in the sangria base always in a refrigerator. Thus, there could be four or five different wines in what I serve. It is actually tasty and fun -- that is, until you try to stand up. I recommend a lot of ice and only a glass or so if you intend to drive.


This upcoming election can be won by the Democrats IF the vote gets out.


Go Ukraine, leave Marjorie Taylor Greene, and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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