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Saturday, May 13, 2023

As Dorothy Parker wrote “although reflection unnerves me”, I think it is time for a little reflection. Barbara and I are now two weeks from the end of a 140 day journey. Most people, and my guess is virtually all the others on this ship, think of it as simply a “cruise”. However, at least to me, and I have not discussed this, at any length, with Barbara, the last several months, have been much more than just a cruise.

Among other things, it, in fact, as been a time for reflection. It is been a time to think about many things which, for a multiple of reasons, I have not taken the time to think about, did not want to think about, found it difficult or uncomfortable to think about, and/or did not feel the need to think about.

It is a vast understatement to say “ I am on the back nine of life”. Hell, it does not take a genius to know I am on the 18th hole. The only question is whether I am on the tee or green or somewhere in between. It is what it is, but, still, I know, beyond a reasonable doubt, that it is time to put everything in order that I possibly can. It is time to make certain decisions, but it is not within my sole control how those decisions are made.

For example, I do not want to retire. I want to continue to practice law as long as my mind is still good, but how many clients want someone my age? Will other partners in my firm give me some work? We will find out very soon. I have already passed on taking another long trip next year, despite the fact I am scheduled to be 85 in June 2024, because I know I have to be around te the work if the opportunity presents itself.

I can do some mediation and arbitration or private judging and will make myself available to do so. If by the end of 2024, I have not succeeded, then I may have no choice but to retire. I have often said to clients getting divorced that “after the divorce, you will no longer be husband and wife, but, until the day you die, you will always be father and mother’. I omitted, because I did not think that far ahead, ‘ grandfather and grandmother”.

I am not really sure what grades our children give us. I think we earned some A’s but I know we also earned some D’s and E’s. All I can say is we did the best we could, and that, on balance, we should be graded pretty well. Throw out the high and the low, and assess us knowing we gave you as much as we could and sometimes more.

As to the others in our lives, we no longer have the time or tolerance for people who no longer care about trying to make the world better, who are selfish to the point they do not want to help others less fortunate or whose main concern is that their pina coladas have the right amount of ice cream added.

No comment about trivial pursuit. Good German lunch although most food verboten. Saw I arus sequel. Quite good. Very nice party given by Seabourn for frequent cruisers who have achieved Diamond status and whatever the highest category is. Then, no dinner for Barbara but I went to listen to great music and then met friends for dinner.

I did manage to find a guide for Monday when we are in Senegal. Hard to do over internet. Secret is to find telephone numbers for private guides and start calling. —————————. See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan. ————————- Go Ukraine

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