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Saturday, March 19, 2022

I want to say one more thing about The Florida Bar race for President-Elect and my support of F. Scott Werthheimer. Jack Harkness is a legend in the legal profession. He was Executive Director of The Florida Bar -- the Bar building in Tallahassee is named for him. Jack has never ever endorsed a candidate. He endorsed Scott. I do not know why, but Jack knows as much or more about who can best lead the over 100,000 members of The Florida Bar as anyone alive. I have to go with his opinion. ————————— Zelensky is visiting with the wounded in the hospital and walking with his troops. The man does not do much wrong.

Can you see Trump dressed as a soldier mingling with his troops in a combat zone? When I think of Trump, I think of a man who wants to die in his own arms after walking down lover’s lane by himself. ———————— Swiss Air was very disappointing. Passengers used to be walked through security in five minutes. No more. We waited 45 minutes to go through security, which is particularly fun when one is taking a diuretic.

The food, which used to be quite good, was atrocious. In fact, neither Barbara nor I could even find anything good enough to order. The champagne was good, but I was afraid to drink anything other than sparking water.

It took an hour to get the power to work so I could charge my phone and almost as long to get connected to the internet.

The crew does try very hard but there is a limit to what they can do with what they are given. I will let you know in a subsequent post how we did with our luggage. Last time, they lost Barbara’s clothes for a week.

As bad as the Swiss Air service was in Miami, that is how great it was in Zurich. All our bags arrived and we are in our Florence home. —————————- Julio Jones was released by Titans. Who picks him up? Deshawn Watson signs an obscene contract with the Browns. All in all, professional sports are getting crazy. I think 200 years from now historians will ridicule this civilization’s sports mentality —————————— Who scares you more—-Russia or China? Or Trump? —————————— The Russian stock market remains closed. When and under what circumstances does it open, and what happens when it does open? Is it possible that it just remains closed as is no more? ——————————- I hear different numbers of how many Russian soldiers have been killed, but the number is into the thousands. This means that there are thousands of parents, spouses, siblings, friends and others who are wondering what happened.

Putin is going to have to open concentration camps to house all the potential protesters. There cannot be enough jails to imprison everyone.

Maybe Russia can win the war against Ukraine, maybe not. However, Russia loses regardless. Its economy is in shambles. How do they recover? Someone has to take out Putin. If he lives to see Russia go down, the humiliation will be so great, he might take down the rest of the world with him. I hope the United States and other countries are on high alert because Putin could go all the way off the deep end at any time. He may have already. ——————————- With the world on the brink of chaos, everyone will be happy to know that Dolly Parton’s attempt to remove herself from the ballot of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has been refused. She remains on the ballot. ————————— I refuse to read another article about Freddie Freeman. He is now a Dodger—end of story. —————————-l Market made a comeback last week. Have no idea if it will continue. We have two televisions in Florence, but neither has been on for about ten years. Not sure I could even figure out how to turn them on.

One thing for sure. It will be interesting to hear how the Italians and other Europeans we know in Florence view world events. —————————— It is already almost 4 p.m here in Italy. See you tomorrow Florida lawyers- please vote for Scott Westheimer for President-elect of The Florida Bar. He knows the issues. He’s done the work. He has the support of 23 past Past Presidents and the former Executive Director! Here’s the link!

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