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Saturday, July 9, 2022

The first day of my Olympic tryout went fine. I walked over 8600 steps including through two airports, lots of subway steps, and lots of stadium steps. It was a long tiring day, and I held up, not perfectly, but very well.

The Marlins beat the Mets in a very good game. Before the game, the Marlins' management hosted what turned out to be a great party in a new restaurant which opened in Citi Field. Everyone had a great time.

It was a very long day which started at no later than 5 a.m. for all 40 people on the trip. We did not get back to the hotel until after midnight. We met some really nice people, some of them professing to be Republicans but totally sane and not Trumpers. Everyone listened to each other’s views with respect and an open mind. I wish there could be more of this kind of dialogue. ——————————— Our seats for tonight are very bad and rain is forecast. Barbara and I are going to pass on the game and spend the day in the City. Neither of us has been to New York since the inception of Covid.

After Barbara does her yoga and goes to the gym, we will meet David for lunch, then walk around the City for as long as I can, ending up at Birdland around 5 p.m. to hear Eric Comstock and Barbara Faesano. They are friends. Then, at 8 p.m., we will meet Ken and Erica for dinner. I will be surprised if Barbara will eat a lot of dinner, but I may not either. —————————— Saw Biden signed an Executive Order trying to protect women’s reproductive rights. I said it before, but it needs to be said repeatedly, that the Supremes kicked up a shitstorm that is truly unbelievable. I really do not think Alito or Thomas, or maybe others, have the foggiest idea of how far they have set back our country. Even the very conservative people we have just met are starting to look for alternative countries in which to live. —————————- We are staying at the New York Hilton which is well located, and our accommodations are fine. Because of having spent sometimes as much as 75 nights a year at the Waldorf Towers for over 25 years, I am a lifetime Diamond member of Hilton so we received some additional amenities.

When I was President of The Florida Bar in 1990, I had the first-ever out-of-state Board of Governors meeting at the Waldorf, and that began a long-standing relationship which lasted until the Waldorf closed. We still stay in touch with Michael Romei, who was the top concierge not only at the Waldorf but almost literally around the world. ——————————- My knee is a little sore this morning, but I am encouraged by how I did. Miles, I did not hurdle any turnstiles but I came close. Barbara was very supportive and very charming to everyone. She has announced, however, that she is now out of charm. I am not really worried because she loves all the people we will see today. She and Erica are kindred souls. —————————- Happy that Chisholm is an All Star . ————————- I am not a Djokovic fan but expect he will win Wimbledon without my support. ————————- Will get back to trying to set up my podcasts in the next week or so. ————————— Go Ukraine and vote like your life depends upon it.

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