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Saturday, July 30, 2022

It seems to me there are two major groups of beleaguered people easily identified and capable of being organized with effective leadership. These groups are women and veterans.

If all the women in the United States who, for whatever reason(s), disagree with the reversal of Roe, voted against the Republicans they could change the law. I am going to spare my reader the kind of crass statement I was known to make in my less responsible youth, but if I owned 100% of anything, I would have a lot of power, and ladies, there is one thing you have an exclusive on -- use it

With respect to the Veterans, I see all these retired Generals and Admirals lending their expertise as talking heads on television. It should not be that hard to find a top person from each branch of the military to step forward and lead their troops one more time. This time not against a foreign despot but against the Republicans who are literally shoving it up the Veterans’ collective asses.

I might also consider organizing pickets outside places where young men and women go to sign up to join some branch of the armed services. Who, in their right mind, should want to sign up and risk their life for a country that treats you like garbage if you are lucky enough to come home undamaged? And if you are damaged, you are left to suffer.

There is a picture of Ted Cruz and other Republican Senators fist pumping in celebration of defeating the Veterans' Bill. That picture should be on every political ad and become as well known as the picture at Iwo Jima.

The Republicans have simply lost it. What a disgrace.


Flooding has killed at least 16 people including children in Kentucky, which is a medal winner, with McConnell and Paul, in the ”we have the two worst Senators in the country” event. We can leave for another day who wins the Gold but Florida, Texas and South Carolina are contenders.

Anyway, might not McConnell and Paul think about the fact that climate control really is an issue that must be addressed NOW.

One little thought could have occurred to me (but I will vehemently deny) is that Kentucky has a Democratic Governor who would, no doubt, appoint Democratic replacement(s) in the event McConnell and/or Paul drowned. This thought did not occur to me because I often think about the untimely death of RBG. Had she not died when she did, our entire country would have gone in a different direction. If justice prevailed, the Democrats would hold a “death marker”.


Has not Alito acted like a total jerk and in a manner totally unbecoming a Justice of The Supreme Court? He is mocking those who are criticizing him.


I am not making any judgment here, just noting that Jared Kushner was recently treated for cancer. I have no problem with his wanting to keep his medical condition private were he not a public figure. Arguably, his keeping the news private is still ok, but a little surprising given the media’s demand to know every thing.


Marlin game with daughter Beth, Walter and granddaughter Kasey. Many more Mets fans than Marlin fans.

Whenever I do not have to drive to the game, I do not miss it. Last night was my first time in Walter’s new all-electric car. Very nice, but not sure this old dog is ready to learn any new tricks.

Mets broke a 4 to 4 tie in the 8th and won 6 to 4.

I cringe every time Marti steps up to the plate. The Marlins were too damn cheap to pay him the money he wanted, which was more than reasonable. ———————————.

What is happening with Flores’ lawsuit against the Dolphins and others? Hardly see anything about this case, which was headlines for a long time.


Expect dozens of people at our house in a few hours. Today is Democracy Day. Barbara literally worked around the clock trying to get everything and everyone organized. There are very few people in this world who work as hard as she does to try to make the world better, and she does it entirely for altruistic reasons.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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