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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Happy New Year to everyone.

No accidents or other mishaps yesterday. With the arrival of four more, we are now at full strength as of yesterday and for New Year’s Eve, which will be spent primarily in front of televisions watching football games.

Barbara and I have no choice but to leave a day early because we have an enormous amount of work to do before next Thursday at 3 p.m. when we are being picked up by Seabourn to attend a dinner and spend the night at a hotel. The cruise line then takes us to the ship on Friday and off we sail .

If I told you some of the things yet to to be done, you would not believe me. I know I will not see any meals once we get home. However, with all that has been consumed on this trip, that is a good thing.

I had my first Mai Tai yesterday. In fact, I had two. Before coming on this trip, I said to myself that if I can stay away from the chocolate covered Graham crackers in our hospitality room and the Frozen Daiquiris, I will have saved gaining five pounds. I have been successful so far and should make it


We lost a Pope and Barbara Walters yesterday. Every time I think of Barbara Walters, I think of her Father Lou who, when I got married in 1961, was the owner of the Latin Quarter which was, along with the Copacabana, the most famous nightclub in New York with the best entertainers in the country.

We were there on our honeymoon. The Ritz Brothers were at the Latin Quarter. I had been there many times, but Barbara, being from Iowa, was totally unsophisticated in the ways of New York nightlife.

We were standing in line to get in. I had a $20 bill in my hand to tip the maitre d' and Barbara said ,“No, we already are paying a lot, don’t you dare pay more”. I said that if I did not tip, we would not get a good table and probably sit behind a pole.

Bottom line. No tip, we sat behind a pole halfway into the kitchen and never ever saw more than one of the three brothers.


I have never made one New Year’s resolution in my whole life. I intend to continue my streak.


It was not a resolution, but several years ago, David gave me some advice that I have taken to heart without exception, and that advice has probably added ten years to my life expectancy. I used to get really upset with clients who refused to listen to my advice when I knew it was clearly right -- not even a close call. I literally lost sleep in these situations because I was certain the client was headed toward disaster.

David said to simply say to the client, matter of factly , without cursing or raising my voice, “I am giving you my best advice. It is your decision whether to take it”. That simple statement changed my entire professional life and was clearly better than, “W

hy the fuck are you paying me so much money and not listening to me?”


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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