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Saturday, April 9, 2022

I refuse to tell you that Will Smith has been banned from the Academy Awards for ten years.


I am seeing posts calling Garland the worst Attorney General in history. Anyone who embraces that thought is an imbecile. I have already expressed my frustration with Garland’s deliberateness. However, I'd rather give him a chance to deliver than to have a “ready, fire, aim” AG.

I have been a trial lawyer for about 56 years. How well I did or did not do was determined when the results were known and not until then. Yes, the wheels of justice often grind slowly, but just cool down and see what happens. If it were not for that asshole McConnell,. Garland would be a Supreme Court Justice. He has had one of the most distinguished careers of any lawyer alive. He is not a fool. For one, he is a lot smarter than I am, and, I submit, a lot smarter than virtually everyone taking uneducated potshots at him.


Today, I may biting off more than I can chew, but before we attend the last concert of the year at the Teatro Pergola, I have agreed to take a walk to a food and craft beer fair which is a good hour’s walk each way even when I am in tip-top shape. Oh, did I mention it is uphill both ways in deep snow? However, the holes on the bottom of my shoes have new patches so I am probably safe from frostbite. Wish me luck. At least if I make it, I will not be able to eat or drink 90% of the goodies. Why have I agreed to this little kamikazi mission? One word -- Barbara.


Thank you Joy Reid for slamming Senator Tim Scott. He deserved the tongue lashing he got and much more. It is hard to believe that North Carolina voters have not voted Scott out. However, they keep electing Lindsey Graham so it is no mystery that North Carolina voters and I disagree.


Two more Black coaches have joined Brian Flores’ discrimination lawsuit. I have no idea of what the result will be or when. However, this is not the type of lawsuit that can easily be settled. It almost has to be a fight to the death. Clearly, the owners cannot settle without admitting to some wrongdoing, and I do not see that happening


Tiger made the cut at The Masters. That is pretty damn good. Some really big names failed to make the cut. Impressive, even though he's very unlikely to win. Even a slight challenge by Tiger will keep people glued to the television over the weekend.


I am still shaking my head about the pro-Putin Republicans. They really should be disqualified from holding public office. Nonetheless, my bet is most of them, maybe all, will be re-elected. How bad is that?


Nothing much has changed with the Marlins. They lost in extra innings 6 to 5.


Looks like Donald Trump Jr. is also up to his ass in trouble over a plot to keep his Father President. I think the Trump family does not think of an office that one, if fortunate enough to win, holds for the term designated and then leaves. Appears once Trump said “Yeah, it would be fun to be President”, he meant for the rest of his life.


Great four-hour lunch in the countryside at my favorite restaurant. I was restrained in my eating and drinking, for me, and still gained almost two pounds. We used to go twice a month.

Getting to where I just cannot do that. Still, everyone had a great time and now I have to be extra careful. Just too much salt in the sauces.


Go Ukraine

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