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Saturday, April 22, 2023

Left ship in Durban right on time to drive to airport for flight to Johannesburg. Saw a good deal of Durban, a very cosmopolitan city of about 2.5 million. It has one of the largest and major ports in the world and an extremely modern and efficient airport. Passed by the gorgeous stadium built for the 2010 World Cup which holds 80,000 people.

Durban appears to be a place where spending some time there would not be too shabby. Beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, two casinos, and reputedly excellent food, particularly the curries. There is a significant Indian influence in Durban.

Our airline from Durban to Johannesburg was Airlink. Even though the flight was an hour, we were given a drink and a delicious sandwich better than anything I can ever recall being given on Delta, United or American and I fly first class. We flew coach but seats quite comfortable even for me.

On our bus from the ship to the airport we had a very good guide who told us a lot about Durban it was a very auspicious beginning to our adventure particularly since I walked almost 2500 steps before boarding the plane and did so better than I have walked for a long time. I never know how my legs will be until I start out.


Landed In Johannesburg which has a very large modern airport and a population of about 4 million I am really at a loss to describe this city. We only saw the Soweto section which has lots of poverty.

We had a very good tour of the city with an excellent guide who pulled no punches. We also had a great local lunch. Great food and cold beer. We did not pay as part of our tour, but if we did, it was all you could eat in two hours for $18.

After seeing Nelson Mandela’s home, we went to our very nice hotel. This morning we fly to our game lodge where we spend three nights.

Johannesburg has a very interesting taxi systems. A large percentage of people use them and the drivers make a lot of money. When hailing a taxi, the people use certain hand signals that indicate where they want to go. Finger up means one area, down another, and there are several other common signals.

It is not safe to walk around by yourself.


Happy birthday, Cindy.


Abortion pill safe for now. Even the screwed up Supremes got it right


My law firm, for some reason shut down my internet and what should have been fixed in a few minutes, has already taken almost two hours and it is still not done. I am really fit to be tied, but nothing I can do.


A ship’s passenger, whose Wife has Covid is in our tour. Although he is wearing a mask, I think it was wrong of Seabourn to allow him to go, and irresponsible of him to go. No one wants to sit next to him so I am not sure why he would even want to go and be treated as something of a pariah.


Thought our dinner at five star hotel was good, but thought lunch was better. Sat out in the garden of the restaurant which was nice, but got quite chilly.


Still shaking my head at what is going on in Uganda. Would like to see a vast exodus and serious reprisals. Dare I think that the United States could be heading in the same direction? I will say this. I would not bet any serious money that there is not an elected Congressperson who does not disagree with the law of Uganda.


It is tiring do what we did but it was fun. Moreover, think how lucky we are to be able to do what we do


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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