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Monday, October 3, 2022

Senator Rick Scott was on “Face The Nation” Sunday morning. He was embarrassingly bad. Scott was evasive despite quite a good effort from the host to force him to answer. Friends wrote me from out of Florida commenting that Scott could be worse than Rubio, a virtual impossibility.


I am thinking of a new business. It is to build a VIP Prison. Instead of normal cells, each prisoner will have a suite with a big tub and a separate shower. Cipriani will cater the meals and there will be music, at least a string quartet at dinner. I will have concierge medical service, a world-class health club, and a Nicklaus-designed golf course.

Monthly fees will start at $25,000 but there will be a courtesy 10% discount to former Presidents and 5% to all other elected politicians and members of any Halls of Fame.

All sentencing will be before Judge Cannon, with whom I will arrange to kickback -- either a percentage, or just a flat fee per prisoner. The longer the sentence, the more she gets paid.

Obviously, this needs some work. Right now,I am just looking for investors.


Very good football on Sunday. It is hard to watch television these days unless you want to watch hours and hours of families in total ruin and lives lost or changed negatively forever because of a hurricane or fires or war. Instead of covering these individual tragedies to the point where I was about to find the number for the suicide hotline, why not devote coverage to how we try to fix the problems that cause all this heartbreak? Just asking for a friend.


I think kamikaze pilot is the only occupation more dangerous than football coach. Wisconsin just fired their football coach after eight years. Yes, they got blown out by Ohio State and lost to Illinois, but overall he did a good job.

Colorado also fired their coach Sunday


This is important. The Republicans have abandoned their efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. It is about time, because if the Republicans ever came up with any real alternative, I missed it.


Tonight I will be going to my last Marlin game of the season. We gave away out tickets for Tuesday, and Wednesday is Yom Kippur break the fast. After careful consideration and given that all three of our children and five of our seven grandchildren are coming to our house, I thought it best that I attended.


Trump will not let his lawyers do their job. He thinks he knows better than his lawyers how to practice law. I wonder if he needed open heart surgery whether he would tell his surgeon what to do. Trump is his own worst enemy and it could well be his ruin. Actually, I hope it is.


Pujols hit another home run He would probably beat Ruth’s 714 if he played another year but he says “this is it”. I agree with him. As a baseball purist, I think Pujols is exactly in the right spot in terms of number of home runs


The more I listen to Loetta Lynn, the better I think she is. She tells it like it is and in a manner that just gets to me.


I thought Mrs. Zelensky did a good job on “60 Minutes”last night. The rest of the show did not ring any bells for me.


The more I read, the more I detest Justice Alito. I did not agree with him but I had great respect for Justice Scalia.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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