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Monday, September 26, 2022

Sunday morning I finally saw a Val Demmings ad that made sense. She focused solely on the abortion issue rather than inserting it in a laundry list of other issues. There it was, bare of anything else so that the viewer could not miss the message, “Vote for me because my opponent Marco Rubio wants to ban all abortions even where there is rape and incest”. I loved, “Rape and incest are crimes. Abortion is not”.

We need to focus on the abortion issue and other individual rights issues such as the right to marry anyone you choose. Yes, there are many other important issues, but these are two core issues that are as personal as it gets. The choices are very clear and there is no doubt where each Party stands. —————————- Similar to most Monday mornings, the news from Sunday is mostly non-political matters. Occasionally, one of the Sunday morning television shows has something worthy of noting. Yesterday I heard my old friend Ted Deutch interviewed. I thought he was very measured and quite effective.

“Sunday Morning," my Wife’s favorite show, and really the only one she plans to see if she can, had several excellent segments.

We then left for the Dolphin game. It was another great game. Last week the offense won the game. This week the defense. It took a lot of grit and luck to pull this one out. Yes, there were oysters and very good ones!

As I walked into the stadium, I received a news flash on my phone that Matttingly was not coming back to the Marlins. Frankly, I do not blame him. It is a lousy franchise. He belongs managing the Yankees and he belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Next week the Dolphins play on Thursday night in Cincinnati. There was a time, not that many years ago, when I would have just flown up for the game. Those days are over, or at least appear to be. However, I am going to try to get to the Jets game in New York (actually New Jersey).

I am having a nontrivial amount of difficulty accepting that my legal career is almost over. For many years, we were broke or close to it, but then, for many years, I had one of the most successful practices in the country, not just Florida, and during those halcyon years, the cost of flying off thousands of miles for a game was really not a consideration. The phone rang almost daily for some of the best cases around. No matter what happens in the future, I had one helluva run.

Life, if one is lucky, is a series of cycles or passages as Barbara calls them. I am really fortunate to have Barbara by my side to help me adjust. Conversely, although her career running political campaigns is still unbelievably great, she also has experienced some changes and I have been at her side to help her adjust.

I have to remember a thought I have often expressed to others. “Don’t cry because it is over. Smile because it happened”. ——————————— Great time to splurge in Europe. Euro is $.96 against the dollar and the pound $1.06. —————————— I have about 500 unread books on the Kindle App on my I Pad, so other than buying a few favorites like Silva and Baldacci when they have new books, it is really stupid for me to buy more books. It is also stupid of me to buy more wine. I could never read or drink what I already have.

However, yesterday I bought two new books. I bought Willie Nelson’s book Me and Paul and I bought a book entitled The Mosquito Bowl by Buzz Bizzinger. I am really looking forward to reading both books, which I think will go to the top of the figurative pile as soon as I finish Mike Lupica’s Fallout, a Jessie Stone book for all you Robert Parker aficionados. —————————— Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it

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