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Monday, September 19, 2022

Have to give the Republicans a lot of credit. Many of them are nothing more than slime balls but they do not pretend to be anything else. Did you know that a group of Republicans gave Ron DeSantis a standing ovation for his sending, by trickery and unannounced, a group of immigrants up to Massachusetts and just dumping them?

DeSantis is still favored to beat Charlie Crist. Think about his platform. He wants no abortions for any reason under any circumstances and he has no regard for a single individual who does not agree with him.

Last night I watched Ken Burns’ show about the Holocaust. It was terrific and depressing among other things. I am sorry to say that as I watched the first two hour segment, that living in Florida, being vocal in my anti Republican views, and being Jewish, it is not impossible that there be a knock on my door, and I get taken away. You may think that is impossible. I do not.


What I thought was impossible in the world of sports, which yesterday did better than the rest of the world, included the following:

1. One of the greatest performances and comebacks from the Dolphins. Tua was phenomenal as were both Waddle and Hill.

2. Dallas with a backup quarterback beating the Bengals.

3. The Giants’ comeback.

4. The Colts getting shutout by Jacksonville. One commentator picked that upset.

Two special shoutouts:

1. Judge hit two more home runs.

2. Detroit rookie from Michigan Aiden Hutchinson had three sacks. Go Blue!

Going back to the Dolphin game, it really was a great game. Prior to yesterday, I thought the team was a little better than mediocre -- certainly not in the top echelon and ready to compete with the top teams (such as next week’s opponent, Buffalo). Now, if they play next week at this same level, they have a real shot.

By the way, I intend to be at the game, which is being played on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. This is where tape machines can be helpful if the Rabbi allows them in the sanctuary. Just kidding. It is a revision of an old joke the punchline for which is, “Gee,I didn’t know I could tape Yom Kippur’.


What do we do with Republican candidates who have already announced they will not accept the election results if they lose? I wish there were a way to Sue them to get them off the ballot, but there is, so far as I know, no way.


The Bidens are in England for the Queen’s funeral. All Americans can be confident that we will not be embarrassed by anything our President says or does, and there will be no golf game.


Euro and dollar still at parity. Stock market futures way down. Expect another bad day in market.


Time to start arresting people.

This idea that "an election is near so let’s not do anything" is total bullshit. If someone murdered a person a week before the election, would they hold off arresting the alleged perpetrator? C’mon!


My trainer comes back later this morning. Hopefully my car will get done before the end of the day. Still thinking about the talented Lady Gaga and Tua’s coming-out party.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it. Time to get mad.

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