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Monday, October 24, 2022

Vogue has now severed all ties with Kanye West. The rising anti-semitism in the United States is very disappointing, but it is not surprising. Donald Trump is not the only one in our country with a convenient memory. Unfortunately, although there are millions of really good, decent, law-abiding, moral, decent, non-bigoted people, there are also millions who are not.

We did horrible things to minorities throughout our history and we are still doing them. Moreover, the ultra conservatives are trying to cover up all these atrocities. The situation is really bad and getting worse.


My Wife Barbara often says “add up the columns”. There are almost always points cutting both ways. Few, if any issues, are so black or white, that each side does not have some valid points. I was never good at mathematics, but I was really good at arithmetic, and addition was always easier than subtraction or division.

Why is it that so many People refuse to add things up. They see something they do not like, which is really simple to do, and then stop -- I am not voting for you. Meanwhile, the other candidate is virtually a total piece of shit, and gets the vote by default. Honestly, take a close look at Rubio and DeSantis. Their positions on issues are abhorrent. Sorry Republicans, their positions on issues are bad, often evil.


There were armed vigilantes at the polling places in Arizona. Their intent, as I understand it, was to intimidate Democratic voters.


I just cannot see Trump testifying in front of the January 6 Committee. Does anyone disagree?


Why are the Republicans against all abortions even if the Mother’s life is in danger?


What is Lindsey Graham hiding?


Boris Johnson apparently had enough votes, but they were not the right ones. He has withdrawn his name to be the next Prime Minister.


The Dolphins won but it was not pretty. Our coach lost a huge number of points with me when, ahead 16 to 10 and well within field goal range, he chose not to try for three points but for a first down which was missed. I am still shaking my head.

Oysters were very good,

Great weather until it started to rain.

Lots of Pittsburgh fans who were very nice.


Astros and Phillies in World Series. Yankees swept. Padres won one game. Who would have thunk it?


Both the Jets and the Giants won again, so New York fans crushed by the Yankees being demolished at least have a bright spot.

We ought to beat the Lions and the Bears even on the road in the upcoming two weeks. —————————

Wake me up and tell me when Judge decides where to sign.


Many of you enjoyed the music I posted recently. I like that.


I am doing religiously some relatively simple exercises my trainer gave me. They all take about 20 minutes but I think they are making a huge difference in my fitness. Barbara is now sufficiently encouraged that we can enjoy our upcoming cruise.


The Democrats need to raise the level of enthusiasm if they are to fend off the Republicans. Throwing money into television ads is not the way to do it. Getting into the Black churches, energizing the women, and calling, calling, calling, and knocking on doors . The votes are right here in Broward County but they need to exercise that vote.


Another reminder: if you support Ukraine, you cannot allow the Republicans to take control of the House. They have made it clear our current level of aid will be reduced.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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