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Monday, October 17, 2022

Kasey’s Bat Mitzvah weekend ended with a gorgeous brunch at Hard Rock hosted by the Boies family. It was for family, extended family, and out of town guests. Few brunches in South Florida can match what they do at Hard Rock.

Kasey received quite generous gifts. Some were really surprises. I, General give too much, but I emceed the first over-the-top Bar Mitzvah, given by Bobby Baer for his oldest son Michael, and I said “For those of you who have not yet given your gift, remember: in the Baer family, it is not the thought that counts, it is the amount”.

I. Think it is human nature to assess, hopefully silently, the relative generosity of the gifts. There are always a few so penurious, that one is tempted to send it back and with a note that the donor obviously needs the money more than the Bar or Bat Mitzvah child. We had a couple that in that category, but the vast majority -- all the other gifts, in fact -- were unbelievably generous, some really surprising.

Another major event that we have looked forward to for a long, long time has now come and gone. Barbara and I are beyond grateful for having been alive and able to fully participate in and enjoy a milestone event in the life of a grandchild.

Barbara, of course, gets the most credit because she takes such good care of me. However, I have to also give a whole lot of credit to my trainer Dean Stadler, who patiently and skillfully brought me back from being such a cripple that I was almost an invalid with Barbara wanting to cancel our upcoming cruise.


I have something of a sad follow-up, and perhaps one or more of you can help. My daughter knows for sure that several people who attended the Bat Mitzvah brought envelopes with monetary gifts, some with checks in them and several with cash. A number of these envelopes are missing. Those who Beth knows well enough have already been talked to and are replacing the gifts, but she does not know the identity of all the people whose gifts are missing. If you left an envelope and do not receive a thank you note, let Beth know or contact her now to confirm that you left an envelope. It is very unfortunate that someone had to steal a child’s gifts, but there were doctors who stole life saving medicines, so one cannot be that surprised.


This Kari Lake running for Governor in Arizona is some kind of nut. She is really a scary person who still thinks Trump won and who refuses to say she will concede if she loses.


I am glad I am not a betting man. Who picked San Diego to beat the Dodgers?

The Phillies beating the Braves is also not how I would have bet, but it is not as big an upset as the Dodgers losing.

Once again it has been proven that games are not won on or lost on paper, but on the field.

My bet is that, at least for the next five years, the Braves will be the team to beat in their division if not in a greater universe.


I want Don Mattingly to manage the Yankees and I want him in rhe Hall of Fame.


Frank Sinatra was of the opinion that a band cannot be great without a great drummer. Similarly, an NFL team cannot be great without a great quarterback. Examples are not needed.


Who beats the Eagles?


I am really enjoying and learning a lot listening to Willie’s Roadhouse on SM radio. The disc jockeys, I think all performers themselves, are very, very knowledgeable.

The Sinatra station lost a great deal when Nancy and my friend Chuck Granata stopped doing their shows. These people forgot more than the rest of us know about both Frank’s life and his music. I still have my friend Will Friedwald, who is the other true expert on Sinatra’s music, to hang out with. I am close to a charter member of Will’s Frank Tank.


Have a hearing this morning and then hope to have lunch with Mike and Jalayne. I was going to suggest Caffe Europe but, on reflection, think the Boatyard is a better choice. I used to go to Lobster Bar a lot, but quality not as good as it once was and the prices are getting so high I feel I need to float a bond issue to pay the bill. Maybe it is just I, but I get the feeling that more and more of the wait staff feels they are doing me a favor by serving the meal. The fried lobster tail, however, is still very good.


Futures are up but the bear market continues. Dollar v Euro has been shifting between $97 and $.98. As I have said, parity is the right number.


I am not encouraged by what I see on the election scene. Why is Obama going to campaign in Michigan? He should be in Florida trying to beat Rubio and DeSantis. A trip or two to Georgia, Ohio and Wisconsin could not hurt either.


Posting this early and going to try to sleep a little more. Trying to be charming over a long weekend is very enervating, as is worrying about things I cannot do anything about, but I am what I am.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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