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Monday, November 21, 2022

On Sunday, of course, the main event is brunch at The Four Seasons. This week it was great as always. Other than that, Barbara and I stayed home. Our kids and grandkids came and went. Dinner consisted of my first gelato from the gelato shop two feet from the front door of our apartment. We did have great weather yesterday.

There is no brunch next Sunday due to the running of the Florence Marathon. We will go with Stefano and Luca to Sabatini for lunch.


The World Cup has started. Even though Italy is not in it, every place with a television will show the games. Our Granddaughter Kasey is a big time player and fan so we will be hanging out in places where she can watch the games. Why not at home? We do have two television sets, but they have not been on in more than 10 years and I am not even sure I know where the gadgets are to turn them on, or how to do it if I knew where. That’s right. No television when we are in Italy and we do not miss it.


I did follow the NFL games on my iPad and also listened to and analyzed various versions of a song I like called “A Roomful of Roses”. Younger people, if they know the song at all, know Mickey Gilley’s great version done in the mid 80’s, but the song, written by Tim Spencer, one of the Sons of the Pioneers, came out in 1949. Among the luminaries who recorded it were Dick Haymer, Eddy Howard, Dean Martin and, of course, the Sons of the Pioneers. That group was founded by a man then named Leonard Slye. You would know him by his screen name, Roy Rodgers. Jerry Lee Lewis also did a great version. When I listened to Dean Martin’s recording, I thought he might get down on one knee and pretend he was Jolson.

I am fascinated by listening to how various artists interpret a particular song. To me, the tempo is crucial, but there are numerous factors, some very small, which make a huge difference in which versions I prefer. Anyway, if one likes any particular song, it is (at least to me) great fun, interesting, educational, and entertaining to go on YouTube and do what I just explained.


Thank you for the many Paris restaurant suggestions. I have switched from butter and cream to tomatoes and olive oil, so I now much prefer eating in Italy than in France. It is hard to find classic French cuisine. Most is modern/fusion fou fou type food that costs a fortune and has me looking for a kielbasa stand 15 minutes after I paid the check.

I am really only fluent in English. However,I know how to ask for the check in many languages.


Stock futures down. Euro steady.


I hear Kinzinger laid out Marjorie Taylor Greene. Good for him.


Republicans can posture all they want, but seriously, does anyone besides Trump or DeSantis have a viable chance of getting the Republican nomination in 2024? How about Cheney and Kinzinger?


Both the Jets and the Giants lost. Dallas murdered Minnesota. Eagles almost lost a second in a row.


Hope I am wrong, very wrong, but I do not see Michigan beating Ohio State in Columbus next Saturday.


Short week this week with Thanksgiving. Could be good or bad.


Go Ukraine

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