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Monday, May 9, 2022

I used to joke that a good wife stays with you through all the problems you would not have had if you were not married in the first place. I will never tell that joke again.

I cannot even imagine how I could have survived the last few days without Barbara totally looking after me. I mean totally. I cannot even imagine what I would have done without her. Barbara is a woman already working as close to 24/7 as a human being can. This was before I became a full time job. I really thought that armed with a leg brace and crutches I could pretty much lead a normal life. Not so.

Anyone who thinks it is easy to use crutches is dead wrong. It is really hard particularly when I am supposed to put no pressure on my left leg. It should not touch the ground. Maybe 20 years ago, but my Olympic days are over.

Yesterday was really tough but I stayed in bed all day and it helped. I need another few days of complete rest which is complicated because I have crucial dental work, two implants, that need to be completed. I may have no alternative but to stay here until that work can be done and I no longer need the brace.

Anyway, if there were a Congressional Medal of Honor for wives, Barbara deserves two . —————————- The Marlins lost another one run game, blowing a 2 to 0 lead in the last of the 9th. My astute baseball acumen tells me we need a closer. —————————— Hats off to our First Lady traveling secretly to Ukraine on Mother’s Day. Can you imagine the security planning that went into that trip?

Why are not the Democrats taking the credit due for this effort? Our Former First Lady cost the country a small fortune traveling to New York to get her damn hair done. ——————————- I have nothing to say about the stock market. ————————- Thank you everyone for your well wishes and constructive advice. I am trying to implement most of it. I do not need an ice machine because i have these gizmos from my dentist that are kept in the freezer and can be used over and over again to bring down swelling. ————————— If anyone reading this is coming to Florence anytime soon, please contact me. Use messenger or email. —————————- Mitch McConnell has made it abundantly clear that the Republicans oppose abortion. Thus, if Roe v Wade is reversed as it is almost certain to be, that is not the end, it is the beginning. The Supreme Court decision will not ban abortion. It will leave the issue up to each individual State. Thus, in places where there is one DNA or you are still first cousins after divorce, abortion will clearly be banned.

However, if the Republicans take control of Congress, they can pass legislation banning all abortion in every State. This one issue should cause the Republicans to be demolished this coming November. Forget every other issue. Hopefully, the Supreme Court by leaking the decision will allow the Democrats to snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. Whoever, leaked the decision should do more to help the Democrats than anything else that could happen.

Even all those dummies who refused to be vaccinated because they objected to the government’s telling them what they could do with their body, should be able to connect these dots. —————————- I watched the rerun of the Kentucky Derby multiple times. It was a great race and the winning jockey gave his horse as good a ride as I have ever seen. In law school, I was at the track virtually every Saturday. When I was studying for the Illinois Bar, after the Bar Review Course, Barbara, Beth, then our only child, and I went out to Arlington about every day. Minors were allowed into tracks in Illinois.

One amazing thing about an 80 to 1 horse winning a Triple Crown race, is that the announcers almost totally ignored the winner during their call of the race. They were so focused on the favorites in the race that the winner was not even on their radar until the vey end of the race. ————————— The reason for my posting this later than usual is that we had arranged with my friend and colleague Peter Gladstone to come for lunch, even though I can barely move around . His daughter is in school here, and by coincidence, his companion is the Mother of Grandson Ryan’s girlfriend. I did not want to miss the opportunity to host them for something even if I am housebound.

I have known Peter almost from the first day he started practicing law with Ira and Brenda Abrams. We go back a long way. Peter, although much younger than I, is from the old school where a lawyer’s word can be taken to the bank and “gotcha” is not part of the practice. Unfortunately, many of the young lawyers today are cut from a different cloth. Besides not taking the Code of Professional Responsibility as seriously as they should, too few realize how important it is to never stop learning. They think they know enough and stop trying to continue to learn a craft. That is a topic for an entire book. Anyway, I am looking forward to the company even though more work for my dedicated Wife. —————————- Go Ukraine

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