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Monday, March 14, 2022

Tom Brady has unretired.


Some defining moments in the world may be approaching and sooner rather than laters. First, yesterday Russia attacked Ukraine very close to the Polish border. Some accounts said 12 miles, some 15. No matter what——close. About 35=were killed and at least 100 injured. Poland is a NATO country. If Poland is attacked, the other NATO countries are obligated to come to its defense.

Second, Putin has asked China for help. Whether this is because Putin thinks he needs the help, which he does, or is testing China, or both, only Putin knows. How China responds could be a decision that could change the world, literally, forever.

The scariest part, for me, is that, instinctively, I think most of us would want China to turn down Putin, leaving him hanging out there all by himself. Who, in their right mind, would want China and Russia to gang up on the rest of the world?

The question then becomes, "How will Putin react to be turned down by China?”. Does he then look for a way out of the mess he started, or does he, now a wounded bear, go berserk and start a world war?

The last question for today: If a war were to be started, would it be a conventional war or a nuclear war, and can anyone win a nuclear war?


After all this gloom and doom, I have major upbeat news. All my Wife Barbara’s hard work, literally around the clock for months, on behalf of FTX paid off. The Hackathon was a rousing success. All the panels on crypto were a rousing success.

Everything ran like clockwork. Even the breakout sessions for lunch went smoothly and the food was quite good. For the early arrivals, which included me, of course, plus two of our children and four of our grandchildren, there was a continental breakfast.

The logistics for this event, including having a U.S Senator and a U. S Congressman, organizing and implementing truly blue chip panels, working with the five finalists, all of whom were terrific, and even having a raffle, were huge. There was never a dull or boring moment. I never fell asleep which is a good litmus test.

Of course, Barbara did not pull this all off entirely by herself. Others worked very hard and made huge contributions. Nonetheless, my Wife was clearly the key ingredient, sort of the egg in deviled eggs. This all could not have happened without her Herculean effort. What is most satisfying to me is that both her Brother Joe Bankman and her nephew Sam Bankman-Fried recognized, appreciated and acknowledged my Wife’s accomplishments.

Congratulations to the energizer bunny Barbara Miller.


On a final upbeat note, at the dinner given in memory of Caryl Boies, daughter Beth was asked to speak. She did an unbelievable job.

I thank son Steven for picking me up right on time and driving me to FTX Arena and my entire family for making sure every possible need I could have was handled. Literally, grandson Blake held my hand on the stairs. Granddaughter Kasey ran and opened doors for me, and the other grandchildren constantly asked if they could do anything for me. I am very fortunate.

All in all, it was quite a weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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