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Monday, January 23, 2023

Yesterday was another nice sea day. Basically more of the same. Did watch two football games. Very surprised the Bengals beat the Bills, but they did so handily. I was slightly rooting for Buffalo.

Second game, I finally had a winner. Was rooting for San Francisco although I was very happy that the Dallas place kicker did not have another meltdown.

Did not eat a lot and drank no alcohol for the second straight day. We brought our scale and, as of yesterday, I am one pound heavier, actually 1.2 pounds, than when got on ship a little over two weeks ago.

We now have four or five more sea days before we get to Easter Island. There is no guarantee the tides will permit the ship to actually tender there so we could have several more sea days before we get Papeete, French Polynesia on Monday, February 6 . We are scheduled to reach Easter Island next Saturday and stay overnight. There is a rumor we could speed up and arrive there on Friday.

Starting to read more. Finally finished the Merle Haggard bio and am reading Balducci’s latest Memory Man book. Easy read, which I try to save for the treadmill. When I am not exercising, I am reading the first of three volumes about the war in the Pacific by military historian Ian Toll.


We are going into the season of head football coaches being fired. I am interested in seeing how many black head football coaches will emerge. There are some really strong candidates so this may be a breakthrough year.


I am waiting with baited breadth to see if I am Trump’s "Patriot of the Month" for February. I already won for both December and January so a third month in a row would really be unprecedented. Just imagine if I supported Trump! But I would vote for your dog before I voted for him.

By the way, speaking of dogs, know how you can tell who loves you more, your Wife or your dog? Lock them both in the trunk of your car for an hour, and see who is happier with you when you open your trunk.


Football, most people would agree, is a tough sport. However, what is also becoming tough is announcing football games. It seems to me that the public is becoming hyper critical and increasingly calling for these announcers to be fired if they are not letter perfect.


The dollar is getting weaker and weaker against other world currencies, and, of course, if we default on our debt, it will go to hell in a hand basket.


Another thing I am worried about is whether, when I get back to Florida, I still have my job as a rear gunner on a bakery truck. Three more mass murders over the weekend. That makes 33 just in January and we have a week to go. My word!


Over the weekend, horse trainer Howie Tesher died.

When Barbara and I arrived in Hollywood, Florida in 1965 after I graduated from law school in Chicago, probably the two most popular and charming people in Hollywood were Bob and Fred Tesher, Howie’s two older brothers. Fred and Bob were my first dentists in Florida. I would sit in the office they shared literally mesmerized by these two bon vivants. I have never met more personable human beings. The office building they owned and occupied is still in existence on Hollywood Boulevard, and Barbara and I were just there at a lab to get Covid tests for the cruise. Only the real old timers in Hollywood will remember the Tesher family, but I will never forget them..


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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“Lock you dog and wife in the trunk…” had to laugh out loud at that one! I wanted both Cincinnati and Buffalo to win, having lived in Cincinnati for 5 years and Buffalo fans are a mighty tribe of patient people. Both deserved a win. I hope the tides and waves work for Easter Island!

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