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Monday, December 5, 2022

I think too many people took too long to think about it, but, now it is beginning to sink in. Donald J. Trump has called for the end of our Constitution because he thinks that he lost was stolen from him despite no evidence that happened. However, what if it was stolen from him. The theft stopped a lunatic from serving a second term as President. What a deal!

The Republicans are still standing by Trump. Whatever he says or does, most of them will vote for the worst Republican before they will vote for the best Democrat.

Listen to the conservative Republicans in Georgia. Most know Walker cannot walk and chew gum. He is as qualified to sit in the U.S Senate as my dog, if I had a dog. Still they will vote for him just because he is one the Republican ticket.

I cannot see the Sunday television shows here in Italy, but I understand the Republican "party line” is that they don’t agree with what Trump said, but if he is on the ticket, they will vote for him anyway


A great brunch at The Four Seasons. Just Barbara and I went. We now stay home until Friday lunch in the countryside. We will, however, have a friend for lunch on Thursday.

Unfortunately, the brunch was a disaster weight-wise and I did not think I consumed that many calories. I was very wrong. I can lose weight and keep it off. I just cannot eat or drink,


Did stay up until 1:30 to follow a very disappointing Dolphins loss to San Francisco. It is not easy to win on the road.


I am pleased Fred McGriff made the Hall of Fame. I was disappointed Don Mattingly did not. He received the second most votes but it was not enough.


For the first time in history, two Big Ten teams made the final four. Michigan and Ohio State join Georgia and TCU. Michigan first plays TCU. I have no idea how they will match up. I doubt Ohio State has much of a chance against Georgia, but anything can happen. I prefer that Michigan is not playing Ohio State in the first round.


Rainy today in Florence but not too cold. Paris is much, much colder by almost 20 degrees.


I have to cut things short today because a number of unexpected things require us to change a lot of our plans for this week. Even our lunch on Thursday. We are just running out of time to get essential things done.

Son Steven is recovering from major surgery and daughter Beth is up to her eyeballs. Son Charles is in trial and even our handyman is unavailable. Things keep popping up to do and things I could have addressed, through no fault of ours have been delayed.


Maybe the Trump decision in New York comes and he gets his head handed to him again.

In the meantime, Trump could cost the Republicans the Senate seat in Georgia, but he keeps texting me about how hard he is working for Walker. I have turned down his offer for first access to the “OFFICIAL 2023 Trump Calendar!"

All the man needs is a pushcart for all the junk he is selling.

Go Ukraine

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