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Monday, December 19, 2022

Because I posted so late yesterday, I incorporated the first half of my Sunday which was basically retrieving, among other things, my I Pad so I could post.

We watched a great World Cup game and then spent from about 1:15 to after 5:00 at son Charles’ house celebrating grandson Ryan’s 19th birthday. It was just Charles, Wife, three kids, his mother-in-law, and six or so of Ryan’s friends, including his terrific girlfriend.

Ryan got all A’s his first semester at FSU. His health is better than it has been almost his entire life and things are looking up for this young man who towers over me by several inches (and I am 6 foot 4).

As usual, Charles had great food and drink, and enough of it to serve a minimum of 50 people. He did not serve his Chanukah gift from us which was a bottle of 10 year old Pappy. If you do not know anything about Bourbon, then this means nothing to you. If you do, then you know it is slightly better than Early Times like by 20000%.

The highlight, of course, is being able to spend lots of times with Jaden back from Vassar, and Alanna who is off to nursing school having received early admission at the University of Miami. She had some incredible stories to tell and I just loved hearing them.

The college admission process, as it now exists, should, in my view, be declared unconstitutional as being cruel and unusual punishment. Add that to the normal cruelty of many immature and/or simply Ill raised teenagers and high school life is not always a box of chocolates. Our grandchildren have been taught to be honest and ethical, to treat everyone as they want to be treated, to do what is right and kind, and always take the high road.

No one succeeds all the time, but they all did very well. I told them never to worry about the people who were not taught as they were. Things will eventually more than even out. If you do as you were taught, you will end up far better than they, and it is you who will have the better quality of life. These principles, thank G-d, have come home to roost and paid off big time for all three of Charles’ and Cindy’s children.

Barbara and I thank our lucky stars daily that we have lived long enough to see the dividends derived from taking the high road.


As usual, I have trouble adjusting to the time change flying back to Florida. I went to bed by 9:00, which is still 3:00 a.m in Florence where my body remains for several days.


Bobby was released from the hospital yesterday afternoon. He is still not doing well. Probably will see him tomorrow.


Want to watch this afternoon’s January 6 hearings but have a lot to do. Barbara has much more to do than I, but why is this any different than most days? When I was in Court everyday, things were different. Now, I do much less. I am thinking about doing some mediation. When we return from our long cruise, I will take a hard look at offering to mediate particularly large complex cases.


The last few days in Italy, I listened to some really great music, but have not yet written about it. So. . .

I do want to say just one thing. Mention the really terrific song “Unforgettable” and the first name that should come to mind is Nat King Cole. True lovers of the Great American Songbook would not think of Dinah Washington. Both great singers had quintessential recordings. Much later, through engineering gimmicks, a duet was created with Nat Kng Cole and his daughter Natalie, also quite a good singer, but not nearly in the class as her Father or Washington.

I keep raving about the talents of Merle Haggard. For those snobs who thumb their nose at country music, go on YouTube and listen to Haggard sing “Unforgettable’. Then send me a note.


Go Ukraine

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