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Monday, December 12, 2022

Today is Frank Sinatra’s birthday. Oh, it is also my beloved Wife’s birthday and celebrating in Paris with our friend Stefano Those of you who have been following my blog know our story so all I will say publicly is that I know I am the luckiest man in the world because I have spent virtually my entire lifetime being loved more than anyone could be loved. We met at 17 and 18 and are more devoted to each other now than ever. ——————————- Our travel from Florence to Paris went perfectly. We were on time and traveled totally without incident.

I said to Stefano at Florence Airport, “Do you speak any French?” He said, “A few words”. People, the man is 100% fluent. It turns out his French is perfect as is his Spanish, and, of course, his Italian. He says his English is the weakest. He fooled me as I classify him as fluent in English. ——————————- Although check-in was at 3:00, our room was ready when we arrived at 1:00. We got settled in short order and then went to our main event of the day, which was a visit to the Cluny Museum. Among other things, it contains what Stefano ways is the best tapestry collection in the world. It is on left bank just off St Germain so a taxi ride.

Barbara likes to rent the audio guide. My guide was Stefano. Unlike most times when I walk through a museum quickly, then sit down read a book while I wait for Barbara and Stefano, this time I stuck with Stefano every step of the way. Speaking of steps, there were quite a few of them, but I did fine. I was not fast, but I made it without a problem.

Despite the fact that it was bitter cold we walked around. We had not eaten except for a snack on the plane through which Barbara slept, so we found a bistro that was crowded, and figuring that meant “good” we went in. It was really good. Stef and I wanted to go to dinner so we ate not so much. Barbara had enough that she did not eat again. Mostly a cheese plate and hummus.

Despite his many visits to Paris, Stef had never been to A Pied de Cochon. I think it opened in 1947. In my view, the best onion soup in the world. Nothing there is bad. It is open until 5:00 a.m., and I have been there after midnight when the place was still packed. We had to wait about half a hour before we could get a table.

Paris is packed. When we tried to get a Taxi to go to dinner, we were told there were hotel guests ahead of us who were waiting over 40 minutes for a taxi. I have Uber but use it once a year. I tried last night and learned the credit card auger had expired. I am very proud of myself, someone who just learned how to start his car, that I was able to update my account and call Uber, which arrived in ten minutes and got us to the restaurant.

Barbara was asleep when I got back to our room. I wrote her a birthday note, and that was our day. I had over 10,000 steps and did fine. The cars are not large and it takes me some time to get in, a little less time to get out, but overall, I was pretty normal in terms of my mobility.

Too much great bread, but I stayed away from the great butter. Did have some French fries which the French seem to do better than anyone in the world.

Overall, the day was an A. —————————— I have nothing to say about world events because I know not a single thing. I am trying to just devote myself to doing anything and everything Barbara wants, when she wants it, and with a smile. It is the least I can do for a woman who takes care of me like no one else could.

We are now off to a special pharmacy, the kitchen store she loves, and her birthday lunch at David Toutain, a very highly regarded two-star Michelin restaurant that has a variety of tasting menus, the cheapest costing more than I made a month when I went to my first job as a lawyer.

Happy Birthday Barbara.

Go Ukraine

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