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Monday, August 7, 2023

My take away from Sunday’s television news shows is that Donald Trump’s lead counsel leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, he was terrible.

There are a number of issues I could discuss, but I will just pick the change of venue desired from Washington to West Virginia. Why, the jury pool in D.C is heavily Democratic. So, he want the case moved to West Virginia where the jury pool can be fair and impartial. Really,

In 2020, Trump got almost 69% of the vote and won all 56 counties. Trump is not looking for a level playing field. He is looking for one rigged in his favor. No one hears him complaining about Judge Cannon in Florida who has already gone into the tank for him.

Let’s be honest. Trump wants all his trials in deeply red states. The luck of the draw is not acceptable. So, here is my tongue in cheek possible solutions:

1. I have written that Barbara and I have plans to go to Frankfurt for the Dolphins v. Chiefs game Now if an NFL football game can be played in Germany, why not a trial where there is a fair and impartial jury pool.

The trials do not have to be in the same place. One in London, one in Zurich, one in Amsterdam, and one in Barcelona.

2. Or we can treat the five expected trials as we treat the Summer or Winter Olympics. Cities can bid the same way they for the Olympics.

We all know that Trump will never accept being found guilty.


I think the Washington Judge has somewhat of a dilemma. later today. Arguably she could sanction Trump already. However, she may feel it necessary to give him a warning or even two or three. My preference is that she not impose too harsh a sanction, but rather to give Trump the opportunity to clean up his act. I doubt he can. My bet is that his behavior will worsen. There will always those who think Trump should never be sanctioned but that is life.


I am a huge Marlins fan. I much rather be in the ballpark than watching on television. I did, however, watch most of the three game series against the Texas Rangers. I cannot remember a team playing as badly over three games as the Marlins did. It was ridiculously bad baseball.

Also, I had no idea the Rangers were so good. I see them play in a couple of weeks.


See you tomorrow. At least. That is my plan.


Go Ukraine.

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