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Monday, August 22, 2022

Query: the Department of Justice does not want to unseal the affidavit on the basis that, by doing so, national security could be jeopardized. What? Is that not good enough for the media? How is it that a Federal Magistrate, as smart as he may be, is knowledgeable enough to conclude “I know enough about our national security to disagree with you”?

Think about it this way. Your oncologist, a recognized expert, says take these chemotherapy treatments and it will maximize your chances of the best possible result”. Do you want some judge or any person for that matter who is not an oncologist to overrule that decision?


73% of college democrats do not want Biden to run in 2024. I am in the minority.


The 11 Circuit temporarily stayed the District Court’s order, and Lindsey Graham’s testimony scheduled before the Georgia Grand Jury on Tuesday will not go forward. I disagree with the decision. In fact, I think it is dead wrong and buys the bad guys more time they do not deserve. Moreover, with the mid term elections almost upon us and their outcome uncertain, the Democrats need all this litigation kept on a fast track. If the likes of Kevin McCarthy and Majorie Taylor Greene take over, we are doomed. Hell, 58% of those just polled think America’s best days are already behind us.


It is more fun telling you about music I am listening to than talking about what is happening in this Country.


The Marlins, even with Alcantara, got murdered 10 to 3, giving up 16 hits. Not sure anyone beats the Dodgers unless half the team gets injured.


I thought the Chris Evert segment on “Sunday Morning” was excellent. I used to see her Father train her from my office, which overlooked David Park. At the end of most sessions, a tin can was placed in each corner touching both the back line and sideline. Before she could quit, her Father wanted her to hit each can 20 times in a row.


I believe Barbara was on the telephone Sunday a minimum of 12 hours. Election Day is Tuesday. Wednesday the post mortem begins, so I figure some time next weekend she will come up for air.

All those people working at all the polling places promoting about a dozen different candidates are primarily arranged for by my Wife. It is a massive undertaking.


Sunday was my friend Burt Young’s 95th birthday. Burt was the first Jewish President of The Florida Bar and the mentor to many lawyers. When I was considering whether to enter a contested election , Barbara and I went to see Burt for his advice. He said “run” because if you do not, you will always regret not trying. I ran and won -- not by a landslide.

Anyway, all the best to a great lawyer and a greater human being.


Euro and dollar are at par.


Stock market futures way down.

———————- c

Go Ukraine and vote as if your life ended upon it.

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