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Monday, August 15, 2022

Marlins gave up three runs in 9th and lost 3 to 1. I missed going to game because I attended a funeral on Zoom that began at 4 p.m.


Grandson Holden came for dinner Sunday night before Barbara went off to a political fundraiser.


My understanding is that the polls were not busy for early voting this weekend, but that lots of absentee votes were mailed in.


The FBI is being threatened for serving a warrant on Trump to return records he had no right to have in his possession. Elected officials are making stupid threats (there are no smart threats) before the facts are known.


Rand Paul, one of our very worst Senators, has called for repeal of the Espionage Act.


Will we ever see Trump’s tax returns?


Why is Larry Hogan a Republican?


My friends in Italy need some rain.


Watched the end of “Trading Places” for maybe the 100th time. I have an advance copy of the report on the frozen orange juice crop if anyone wants to buy it.


Wasn’t George Carlin just phenomenal?


This should be an interesting week. One of Trump’s lawyers wrote a letter representing that Trump no longer had in his possession any more classified documents. The relevant facts are not yet known, but it seems to me that before the Republicans circle the wagons around Trump, they should wait and find out the facts necessary to determine if there is an justification for their defense of Trump.

As a Democrat, I hope Trump goes down in flames. As an American, I hope Trump has done nothing that has damaged our Country.

I am making a big bet on Garland. He just does not seem like a “ready, fire, aim” kind of guy. I think we will find he had his ducks all in order. ——————————-

Barbara is going to the ballgame with me tonight. It is not a baseball decision. The normal suspects to accompany me have conflicts, notwithstanding the facts that Alcantara is pitching and the San Diego Padres are in town with their new most-expensive-player-in- baseball.


I finally took off the weight I gained when I went to Chicago on my annual baseball trip. It would have been worse if we had made it to Kansas City, because we were scheduled to go to Stack’s Barbecue.


Go Ukraine, and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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