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Monday, April 11, 2022

As I was getting ready to go out Sunday, feeling really good that I was finally fully recovered and could totally function as normal, what occurred to me, really out of nowhere, even though at some level of consciousness I knew it all along, is that what is going on in the United States is truly beyond comprehension. It is worse than any science fiction book or any movie -- “The Stepford Wives” comes to mind.

We have literally almost an entire Republican Party that is by no means stupid. In fact, they are a whole lot smarter than we Democrats. They fight dirty but better. They essentially have no morals, no sense of right or wrong or ethics. They are going to win and many of them should just be in jail.

I am not a doctor, but I really think Donald Trump is insane. What does that make the millions of people who support him? I know most of them are not insane . They are, for the most part, decent, honest, ethical people who love the United States. Yet they are almost all just sitting around while our Constitution goes up in flames. They are opposed to most of the issues their representatives are voting for, but do not object. They watch and do nothing about Lindsey Graham just trashing a newly appointed Justice who is brilliant and should be treated with respect for no reason. Then again, our President needs to be treated with respect, even if you do not like his policies.

Our country is going backwards at warp speed. I spend many months a year in Europe. The rest of the world cannot believe that we are electing to public office horrible people; again, not dumb, but horrible. The principles that our country was founded on are gone. The patients are in charge of the asylum. We are cheering for people who love Putin, clearly a war criminal, and voting against NATO which, if push comes to shove, will save our stupid narrow asses.

In a nutshell, we have become a“Banana Republic”. I wish I were wrong, but I don’t think so, and soon I may not be able to express my views without being punished. November is not that long from now. If the Republicans win the House and the Senate as projected, we are in deep, deep trouble; maybe forever. Other great civilizations are no more, but I can tell you this: watching our democracy crumble was not on my bucket list. ——————————

Here is the thing: is there any doubt that Russia’s attack on the Ukraine was unprovoked? Putin is, beyond doubt, a war criminal. He is intentionally killing women and children. How can any American, any decent human being, come out in support of Putin? Yet here we are, not with just two or three wackos that somehow slipped through the cracks, but with dozens of elected Republicans and one of the highest paid television personalities coming out in support of Putin.

The Republican leadership not in the Putin camp seems to be taking the “boys will boys, let them have their fun grabbing headlines”.attitude. Every single Republican not supporting Putin has a legal and moral obligation to clean house. They are not doing it because they are afraid of that madman Donald Trump. Holy shit!


Root for the Georgia judge to rule that case to bar MTG from Congress can proceed. I think that North Carolina judge was wrong in saying a similar suit against Cawthorn could not proceed. Do not know if that is being appealed. A Trump appointed Judge ruled in the Cawthorn case.


Marlins played a very competitive series on the road against the Giants. Their pitching and defense is apparently quite good. Problem in baseball is that you have to score runs to win. The Marlins played in all three games which were won or lost by one run, but scored only two runs in two of the games


Not a good day on the scale because of Sunday brunch, but walked over 10,700 feet without a problem. In fact, it may never happen again, but I swear Barbara is the one who said “time to go home”. I still had some fuel in my tank.

The staff at The Four Seasons is very, very accommodating to us. They cook anything I ask without salt and then I add the No Salt I bring with me. What did me in was dessert and an artichoke quiche that was really great.

This brunch is as good as any in the world . They are sold out every week. If someone they do not know calls for a reservation, they will be told “we are fully booked.” I missed two this trip, one because I was just too sick to go and one because we went to Arezzo for the antique fair.


I am sure the following will go viral, but two people have already sent me “ten signs you might be at a Republican seder."

10. They refuse to answer the four questions without a subpoena.

9. They demand a recount of the ten plagues.

8. They defend not increasing the minimum wage on the grounds that according to Chad Gadya it still costs only two zuzzim to buy a goat.

7. The afikoman is hidden in the Cayman Islands.

6. They refuse to open the door for Elijah until they see his immigration papers.

5. They attack Moses for negotiating a deal with Pharoah, because why would we negotiate with our enemies?

4. They don’t understand why the Egyptians didn’t cure the plagues with hydroxychloroquine.

3. They omit the parts about slavery from the Haggadah because it reminds them of Critical Race Theory.

2. They keep saying “When do we get to the miracle of the Jewish space lasers?"

1. They end the seder by singing”Nest year in Mar-a-Lago."


Go Ukraine

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