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Thursday, April 21, 2022

These are some pictures taken by Jalayne at our lunch yesterday. We went to the home of a retired surgeon and his retired pharmacist Wife who live in a charming home built in the 18th century in a remote countryside setting outside Ferrara. How the driver even found the home, initially, is a mystery. There are no street signs or other indications of location. This was our second visit. It was even better than the first. It is not uncommon in Italy to be treated better upon return. Maria Cristina sewed my initials on our napkins.

The fist course was three spoonfuls of different caviars, salted, unsalted and raw. The three large jars of each were brought to the table and we could all we wanted. Also on our table throughout the meal was the special bread of the region called coppia which my Wife just loves

Then we had great risotto with caviar on top. Next was a special pie with a crust to die for stuffed with macaroni, pigeon, veal and pork. We were then served sturgeon two different ways, both great, roasted freshwater eel, a poached egg with a phenomenal truffle discovered that day, and for dessert, strawberries and two different ice cream/flan like sweets.

Wines, which Jalayne and I went into the wine cellar to pick out, were a very good rose champagne, a very dry Chablis and a good Amarone. The owners go into personal cellars to buy special wines. There are a few familiar labels but I rightfully trusted our hosts that these wines were very good even though I did not know the producer.

Wheatleys declared it the best meal of their lives.


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