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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

I was finally right about what would happen to the price of Apple stock yesterday. I could not reconcile how the futures could be up when the headline was that all the retail stores in NYC were closed due to Covid. Apple stock did, in fact, go down more than a little yesterday. Still the Dow was up which is counter-intuitive.

Covid also shuttered more Broadway shows, some temporarily, at least for now. Other shows closed permanently.

Also, my Wife was working on a major event that was scheduled for January 16 and has now been moved. A new date has not yet been selected

The ripple effect of what is occurring is really devastating. Think about all the lives that are disrupted because of Covid. Nonetheless, those who refuse to be vaccinated, those who refuse to wear masks, are, in large part, responsible for the damages being sustained. How can we as a nation, continue to be so stupid?


Both Harry Reid and John Madden died yesterday. Reid, a former leader in the Senate, had been ill for some time and his death was not a surprise. Madden, a fine football coach and football analyst, died unexpectedly.

My money is on the fact that more Americans knew who Madden was than knew who Reid was. You can decide what that means.


The weather on Marco Island continues to be perfect and it appears that everyone is having a good time. A member of the staff asked me if I wanted to go out on a banana boat. I said that my banana boat days were long gone, but in actuality they never arrived. I am barely water safe and would probably be better off joining two.children 7 and 4 who are taking swimming lessons.


I obviously want Michigan to beat Georgia, but Georgia is favored to win. Few, however, will be surprised no matter who wins that game. On the other hand, I will be shocked if Alabama does not shellack Cincinnati.

It is not just the teams on the field. Michigan, Alabama and Georgia are three of the biggest football programs in the entire Country. Each of their head coaches earn millions and their recruiting programs are state of the art.

This is truly a situation of three Goliaths and one David. I cannot decide whether Cincinnati’s chances of beating Alabama are slightly better or slightly worse than my last full round fighting Mike Tyson, maybe even if I had a loaded gun.

See you tomorrow

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