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Friday, September 16, 2022

In my view, President Biden had a great day yesterday. First of all, he looked great—well groomed in a really nice blue striped shirt. Biden was totally hands on in helping to settle the railroad strike. He spoke about the strike and did a very good job.

Most Americans, and I count myself among them, are basically ignorant concerning the importance of our train system and the complicated issues involved. Take my word for it, this is a big, big deal. We would be in real trouble if this strike were not avoided,


Then about 3:30 Biden spoke to us about hate-fueled violence. He gave the people of our country a first rate lesson about what America should be. I wish every person would have heard not just the words our President spoke, but his sincerity and fervor with which he addressed us.

Again, he made me very proud, but also made me think so many of us do not deserve a President dedicated to really make America great. Anyone following the Presidency in 2016 has to think what the President does is mostly play golf and attack the people who do not agree with him.

Disagree with some of Biden’s policies, I do, but if you think Trump and his minions are really better for this country than Biden, then I cannot even begin to list the pejorative adjectives that come to my mind. It is not polite nor, I am told, persuasive to call names, but honestly, I think you are a moron. I just do not get it and it does not matter how rich you are or what you have achieved in your life. You are not worth my time and attention.


Jackson, Mississippi finally has safe drinking water.


Governor DeSantis is a maniac. How does he get away with this crap he pulls?

I wrote the sentence above midday on Thursday but have been ruminating about what really amounts to human trafficking. Forget for now the taxpayer money he spent, this man belongs in jail. He certainly does not deserve to hold any public office. His actions reflect a total disregard for humanity.

Every decent person, regardless of party affiliation, should be screaming their heads off


Judge Cannon denied the D.O.J motion for a partial stay. This is an atrocious decision.

One small patch of blue. Trump has to pay 100% of all the fees and costs of the General Master.

Expect an appeal seeking emergency relief from the 11th Circuit.


Barbara has no more cast, but she has to wear a brace for another month.


Roger Federer has announced his retirement. I always rooted for him because I liked him, and I have some friends who know him well enough that Federer has been their houseguest and I have never heard a bad thing about him on or off the court.


The Marlins finally won a game.


Futures way down. Euro and dollar at parity, pound sterling $1.14 against dollar, a 37-year low.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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