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Friday, October 28, 2022

Where is Bill Clinton? Where are the Obama’s.? If the Democrats are to have a chance, these three need to be ceaselessly on the campaign trail. Equally as important, their ground games need to be employed. A billion dollar gift could pay for the thousands who need to be knocking on door and making telephone calls. The Republican are doing it. Why can’t the Democrats? The Democrats have the numbers, but we do not have the organization and enthusiasm.

Remember it is not just abortion. It is your independence. Do you really want each State to decide? Why is it “The United States”.? We are going to get slaughtered unless we become more aggressive. If Fetterman could not speak a word, he is right on the issues. How would the voters treat Helen Keller? She was deaf and blind and won the Medal of Freedom for all she accomplished.

We have become a nation of shitheads. More accurately, we are retreating back to being a nation of shitheads.


A very nice dinner last night at New York Prime. They were mobbed. I made sure the meal out was not another five pounder, but have not yet been on the scale. Once again, I do not understand why I do not lose weight because of what I don’t eat.


The entire Circuit Court of Appeals denied Trump’s latest effort to keep his tax returns from the January 6 Committee. Now only the Supreme Court is left. I make no predictions.


Glad I no longer own Facebook now known as Meta. The stock is in a free fall.


Today is mostly taken up with the annual meeting of the Foundation I head. Among other issues, I need a successor as I just learned I am not immortal..


However, late last night I heard from our H.R. Department that Aetna has now approved my getting an extended advance on all the pills I have to take. I was confident the issue would ultimately be resolved, but why it was ever an issue is still counter-intuitive.


Why is Hershel Walker still a viable candidate to become a U.S Senator? I thought of a few other good subjects to test his knowledge, such as “Please recite the Pledge of Allegiance “. Anyone want to take bets?


I am doing markedly better on the treadmill and with respect to my exercise regime. Sticking to it makes a huge difference. I miss very few days at this point. Not yet ready for Olympics but doing much better.


Saturday the Michigan game starts at 7:30 p.m.. That means most of my day will be spent accompanying Barbara to the various polling places during the day.


I liked my idea of having LeBron James accompany voters to the polling places to counter Republican intimidation. That would seem to be time well spent since I do not believe the Lakers have yet won a game.


World Series starts tonight. I was amazed to learn that there is not a Black player on either team. Lots of people rooting for Phillies because they dislike the Astros so much.


Some Republicans are publicly announcing they do not believe in the Separation of Church and State. Many have announced they will only accept the election results if they win. How can these kinds of positions not be more important than the price of gas? Think of all the sacrifices made to fight against tyranny in the World Wars. Why cannot we not make any sacrifices now to save the Country from the tyranny within?


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it. Women, and those who care about them, simply cannot risk there being a federal abortion ban. We will be sneaking women into Mexico unless they build a wall.

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