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Friday, May 20, 2022

Last night was the first night in over two weeks that I slept without a full leg brace on my left leg. It is amazing how much pleasure can be derived from little things that no one ever thinks about until they get hurt.

Lying in bed for an extended period of time allows one to do a lot of reflecting for which there is, generally, not time or inclination. I actually never feel sorry for myself or think “Why did this happen to me?”

Barbara, and probably I also, said too bad I fell because there were lots of things we wanted to do, but, so far, that has always been the case.

We are really among the luckiest people on this earth. Yes, I cannot walk and I have some pain, but there are millions of people who would change places with me in a heartbeat. Whether it is three weeks or six weeks, I am going to be fine. Lot’s of people wish they could say that.

One of my law offices was about 10 minutes from Joe Dimaggio’s Childrens’ Hospital. More than a few times, a client would be complaining about something relatively unimportant. Every once in awhile, maybe more often in my rambunctious youth, I would tell the client to leave my office, go over to the hospital and ask to see the pediatric leukemia wards, then come back to discuss their alleged disastrous situation .

A few days ago one of our guests, kind of fascinated with the relationship she observed I had with Barbara, elicited from me a thought that had never really occurred to me. I know our marriage is extraordinary, so unless it is time to write another note on her birthday or on our anniversary etc, I really do not think about why or how things are going so well after being married over 61 years, . However, I said to our friend totally spontaneously “we are each other’s equilibrium”.

I think everyone falls out of balance from time to time. How one regains their balance differs from person to person. A devoted spouse can be a major factor.


Now to something serious. The Heat lost.


Eleven idiot Republican Senators voted against the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine. It was a mixed group. Some like Hawley are academically smart but evil and vile. Some like Blackburn and Tuberville have not a single credential to serve in any public office.

If you strip away the tinsel on most of these jerks, you get to the real tinsel underneath. Can you just imagine Tuberville and Herschel Walker members of the Senate? Frightening. Rumor will start that McConnell will get Nick Sabin to coach the Senate.


If you really want to get nauseous, follow what is going on in Hungary. That country is a microcosm of where the United States is heading. Should scare you to death but my bet is most of you have no idea of what I am talking about.


I have just entered a contest and think I have a really good chance of winning. The contest is “Who knows the least about a trial involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?” I know zero, so I win


How much weight will I lose by missing a three or four hour lunch today and brunch on Sunday? Please, no serious answers like "it depends upon what I consume instead". You are not needed for the obvious.


Go Ukraine

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