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Friday, March 4, 2022

Doctor tells the Russian woman she is pregnant. Woman asks “How do I know if the baby is mine?”


Where is it written that if I sanction you, you will not escalate things and bomb me?


Some Interesting Sanctions:

Russia’s largest airline Aeroflot has been yanked from the global reservation system. This move basically cripples the carrier from selling seats. I have flown this airline and it is no loss. This just in, a Jet Blue Pilot was caught inebriated as he was going to board his plane to fly. He admitted to having six or seven drinks. Maybe we yank Jet Blue while we are yanking..

Russian soprano Anna Netrebtko, considered one of the greatest opera singers alive, has withdrawn from her future engagements at the Metropolitan Opera rather than repudiate her support for Putin. I guess this fat lady has sung.

The international career of famed Russian conductor Valery Gergiev has also collapsed. He has been fired as chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic. He has also been dropped by the Vienna Philharmonic, the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland and La Scala in Milan, Italy.


There is a very important principle I wish to convey to President Biden, to wit:

“Keep your friends close, and you enemies closer”.Most attribute this saying to Sun Tzu. Some to Machiavelli. You movie buffs will remember these words spoken by Michael Corleone in “Godfather 11”.

No matter who said it, Biden should take this advice to heart. Remember, , as either Socrates or Aristotle or I said “it is better having people inside your tent pissing out than outside your tent pissing in.”

Biden needs to pay much more attention to his image. He seems to care about everything but his image. Trump cared and still cares only about his image. Believe it or not, Trump is trying to rewrite history to say he really supported NATO and really helped Ukraine.

Biden really has some tough decisions to make. Whatever he decides, virtually every Republican will criticize it. If he puts troops on the ground in Ukraine he should not have. If he does not put troops on the ground he should have.

Here is how Biden should handle this kind of decision: He should consult with every Senator and every House Member, say he is Commander in Chief and the final call is his. However, he wants to take into consideration their opinion because he does not pretend to think of everything and he wants as much information and consider as many views as possible before making a final decision.

Biden needs to put every one possible on record to help neutralize the inevitable criticism that is sure to come after the fact. Remember, Monday morning quarterbacks never lost a game.


I have personally litigated the. Crime-fraud exception to the attorney -client privilege on numerous occasions. I lost almost every time. Most judges view the privilege as sacrosanct. Besides, it is easier to uphold the privilege than to make the findings necessary to say the privilege does not apply.

I think the exception should apply to Eastman’s documents in his dealings with Trump. It is clear to me that Trump committed multiple crimes in his efforts to overturn the 2020 election results.


What do you think about Lindsey Graham calling for the assassination of Putin. I am positive Graham is not the only one to whom this idea occurred. I know because it occurred to me. However, thinking about it and saying it are two different things.


I am pleased with the number of people who are joining my website. It is free so you have nothing to lose.


I was asked to and wrote somethings on the website about romantic cons. It reminded me of one of my favorite cons which, amazingly, I talked about twice in the last week after not even thinking about it for 25 years or more.

The con man takes a list of 500 people, tells them here is a free hot betting tip. He tells 250 people the Giants win on Sunday and 250 people the Cowboys win. He is right for 250 people. He then writes 125 people the Knicks beat the Pacers and 125 people the Pacers beat the Knicks. He has now been right twice in a row. He does it one more time and is right to half the people.

Now, after proving himself three times, giving three wins for free, he tells the remaining winners he has another winner but this one will cost them whatever. It is almost guaranteed some of the people who had three winners handed to them will pay to get a fourth.

See you tomorrow.

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