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Friday, July 29, 2022

I feel bad for parents nowadays. You have to be able to explain the birds & the bees….the bees and the bees….the birds & the birds……the birds that used to be bees….the bees that used to be birds….the birds that look like bees, plus bees that look like birds but still got a stinger.


The Senate Republicans blocked the birth control access bill. Query: what are they going to try to do to eliminate vasectomies? I used to know some jokes on the subject but they would be totally off limits now.


I could not even begin to estimate the number of bagels I have eaten in my life. Forget all the varieties such as garlic, salt, onion, pumpernickel, etc., and just focus on a plain bagel, sometimes referred to as a “water bagel”.

Sometimes I would feel like I was being very responsible just eating a plain bagel, maybe with some smoked salmon, tuna, egg, or chicken salad. This is a staple at many brunches, and a tray of bagels is standard fare at shivas.

Today, Barbara brought home some packages of bagels she bought at Costco to serve at some political meeting she has helped organize. Now granted, these were large bagels, not mini or bite-sized bagels. I am not attending this function nor do I intend to eat any bagels. That is a good thing because I happened to look at the package.

Get this: each damn bagel is 310 calories! A chocolate cupcake with sprinkles is not much more. I can have 2000 mg of salt each day and be fine. Each bagel contained 500 mg of salt, 25% of my daily limit.

Folks, it is a damn hard roll with a hole in it. There is no gravy, butter, cream cheese or topping of any kind -- just a rock of bread. I will never look at a bagel again without cringing. We are not talking about Fettuccine Alfredo or some other heart attack on a plate. Geez!


Apple stock fooled me yesterday. Not only did they make their earnings, the stock price did not go down.


Maybe it is wishful thinking, but it seems to me that our President is growing some balls and is being much less passive when it comes to letting the Republicans get away with their meritless positions.


Again, the Veterans in our country should, pardon the pun, be up in arms against the Republicans. Further, all of us who stand up and cheer our Veterans with tears in our eyes filled with respect for the huge sacrifices our veterans have made, should go to the polls and vote out of office every Republican in sight. Floridians can start by sending Marco Rubio packing -- a schmuck’s schmuck for sure.


Lots of baseball coming up for me. Yeah!


Have a nice weekend. Support Democracy Day tomorrow. Don’t eat too many bagels.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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