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Friday, January 13, 2023

Thursday our port was San Andres, Colombia, which is an upscale tax free island for well-to-do people, primarily from Colombia and Nicaragua. The taxis are enormously expensive and we were told there was not much to see or do, so we debated whether to even leave the ship. We finally decided to do so and went into port on a tender. Once again, we got lucky.

A taxi, we were told, would cost $85 for a trip around the island. We found a very competent and nice driver who agreed to take us for $35. We had a very nice two hours and saw about everything those who took the cruise line’s tour for $99 per person saw.

We did not eat lunch in port as we normally do because there was a Chinese lunch in one of the ship’s restaurants, and they made me three very good dishes without soy sauce, making them essentially sodium free.

Barbara attended a lecture and went to the gym. I hung out with a few of the crew and then met Barbara to hear the great singer and her trio, who are now on board for the rest of the cruise. I then went and had dinner, and afterwards went to a very good show. I thought Barbara might come to the show but she had gone back to our cabin after the music and decided not to go.

I finally met some really nice people taking the entire cruise with their married son. I joined them at their table as I was finishing my dinner and then sat with them at the show.

Most of the passengers are very nice but regulars on Seabourn. Many are traveling together so it is not as easy to find people with whom to be friends. It was different on our first long cruise (180 days) in 2019.

Barbara did not think the following story is a remarkable as I. Although I am no Henry Higgins, I often can listen to someone speaking and guess correctly where they are from. I was in Guest Services and heard a woman who I thought might be Russian, and I very politely and casually asked her where she was from. She literally snarled at me and growled, “None of your fucking business”.

Now, asking someone at the beginning of a long cruise where they are from is a pretty innocuous question. I did not ask her how much money she had or about her sex life or anything except where she was from. If it were Nazi Germany and I said, “Let me see your papers,” it would be understandable to become upset, but not on a Seabourn world cruise. Holy shit! Anyway, I have crossed this charming lady off my list of possibilities to have dinner with when Barbara chooses not to have dinner.

I am reminded of an old joke about a five-year-old who continuously cursed. The parents took their child from one expert to another. The consensus expert opinion was that the parents were sparing the rod and spoiling the child. They were advised to hit him everytime he/she cursed, and soon the cursing would stop.

The next morning when asked what was desired for breakfast, the child said, “I’ll have some fucking Corn Flakes”. Whack, the kid was slapped pretty hard. The next morning, same question, same answer, and this time the kid was really leveled -- whack, whack whack.

The third morning when asked, the answer was “I don’t know, but I know I don’t want any fucking Corn Flakes”.

I am not sure what I will say to this woman if I ever see her again, but I know I am not going to ask her where she is from.

The television on board is now fixed. However, Seabourn has still not agreed to bring in the NFL playoff games.

The hour we lost two days ago we regained today. The ship is now back on Florida time.

Today we are in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, but only until 3 p.m. Will probably just get off the ship and walk around a little unless we find another reasonable taxi driver to take us around for a bit. We are reasonably close to San Jose but do not have time to travel there, and we have already been to San Jose on a tour so have been to most of the highlights.

Everywhere we have been so far, the majority opinion is that the government is corrupt.

Before we get into a taxi we ask if the driver has been vaccinated. Our driver yesterday had all four shots but he told us two of his friends refused to be vaccinated and died from COVID.

Had no alcohol yesterday. Will try to do the same today but may be hard as there is a sail away party and what is called a “block party,” where you get to meet your neighbors as the crew hands out champagne and canapés in each corridor of the ship.

There is no poker on board, which I am unhappy about, but Barbara is thrilled about.

Yesterday, I was asked to join a trivial pursuit team, a request I have taken under advisement because I have only played occasionally and I expect there are some real pros on board.

Tomorrow is another sea day as we pass through the Panama Canal.


I think the Republicans should have something better to do that investigate Hunter Biden. If he were a proven serial killer would it matter?


I think there is no way Santos resigns or that McCarthy in any manner withdraws his support of him. McCarthy’s Speakership is far too tenuous for him to lose a genuine supporter..


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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