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Friday, December 30, 2022

Jamie Raskin, for whom I have the upmost respect, has been diagnosed with lymphoma. It s treatable and the prognosis is good.

In the giving the devil her due department, I do not think I have ever written, said or thought a kind word about Marjorie Taylor Greene. However, she wrote very kind words to Raskin wishing him well and I feel compelled to acknowledge that act of thoughtfulness of which I must admit I did not think MTG was capable.


Two household names in sports died this week. Franco Harris and Pele. Each in their own way were great athletes. Pele’s name was synonymous with European football.


Yesterday was a beautiful day on Marco Island. I think everyone on the trip, which is our 35th, is having a great time. It is really interesting watching the younger generations start to bond. It is unlikely they will ever have the kind of friendship David Boies and I have forged over 60 plus years. It is unique.we started these trips in the hopes that our children and grandchildren could learn what true friendship is all about.


We dodged a bullet with granddaughter Kasey’s hip. It is bruised, but not fractured and sore, but she is out of the wheelchair.


On Tuesday, grandson Holden lost his wallet with $200 in it. Fortunately, the wallet was recovered yesterday with Holden’s money still there. I would have lost that bet, but it was really great to see that there are still honest people.


As we end another year, I have been thinking about what I want. I keep going back to “nice”. I am not talking about the city in France which is really nice, but about how people act toward one another.

It is really. easy to be nice, and life is much more pleasant when people are nice. A smile starts with a smile—-try it.

I am trying to be nicer. I am far from perfect, but I think I am doing better. I am trying to help people more, trying to listen to things I am really not interested in hearing but someone else wants to say. I am trying not to be so quick to point out where I think someone is wrong. Being right is overrated. Try it. Maybe you will like it and others certainly will. If you have a good thought about someone, tell them. If you have a bad one, stifle it.


I went for about an hour’s walk with Barbara yesterday. I was not terribly pleased with how I did, but pleased that I tried. My broken leg is completely healed and strong, but the neuropathy in my feet sometimes acts up and it is hard to walk when your feet feel like they are asleep. On the other hand, I am extraordinarily lucky that this is my only complaint other than that I still can’t play the piano.


Daughter Beth has once again done a phenomenal job coordinating this entire trip. It is a mammoth task.

David Boies III made my day by giving everyone on our trip really, really nice jackets commemorating that these trips have spanned five decades.

How many more will there be? No one knows, but I remarked to “my David” that seeing our two families continue to bond this year I was encouraged that these trips will continue once the two of us go to that great courtroom in the sky.


Go Ukraine.

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Barbara Walters also died today. Then Pope Benedict XVI. Bad day for old folks.

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