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Friday, December 23, 2022

The Republicans, with few exceptions, really just simply stink. Approximately 90 out of 213 in the House never even came o hear President Zelenskyy’s speech. Others who attended were on their phones and/or never stood. They are an embarrassment and do not deserve to hold public office. Never in our history have our elected politicians been such creeps!


How is this for an upset? In college basketball, Iowa was a 32-point favorite against Eastern Illinois. Iowa lost the game 92 to 83.


Happy Birthday, the big 18, to our Granddaughter Harper. We love you!

Oh, I forgot something really important. Harper has been nominated for a Silver Knight Award. Yeah!


Someone needs to explain to me how so many Republicans and Americans favor Putin over Zelenskyy? Putin is a dictator. He is a war criminal. He ranks with a Hitler and Stalin as one of the most horrible human beings in all of history.

I think way too many of us are not connecting nearly enough dots when we hear a pro-Putin statement. The significance of supporting Putin means far more than the fact that you, being against Putin, have a difference of opinion from the pro-Putin person. This is not “you like vanilla and I like strawberry”. Rather, you hate democracy. You are a racist bigot who does not care about human rights. Remember this when someone you know indicates they are pro-Putin.


Only five house Republicans supported the Bill that requires the tax returns of a sitting President to be audited. It is easy for me to conclude that the Republicans have no desire to govern and no desire to account for what they do. The next two years will not be fun, but in 2024, the Democrats should romp.


Daughter Beth is still under the weather. Her birthday lunch today at Joe’s is cancelled. However, Beth still managed yesterday to work out the dinner problems we were having at the Marco Island Marriott.

I, on the other hand, cannot seem to work out with Lexis how I purchase our two leased cars now that the leases have expired. I have called over half a dozen times. Finally, I called yesterday asking for the General Manager. He was busy with another customer and I was told he would call me back as soon as he was finished. I guess he is still working with that customer because he never called back.

One person did call me back. It was probably the most distasteful call I have ever experienced. How this man has a job is a mystery. If he worked for me, I would fire him on the spot. He could not have been more obnoxious or less helpful.

I finally resorted to calling the salesman, now retired, who took care of me and my family for over 20 years in a most satisfactory manner. He agreed to try to help.

I have a few other loops I need to close before we leave on our cruise. They are taking far more time and effort than they should.


There is an old Jackie Mason routine where he talks about visiting his doctor and seeing all the diplomas hanging on the wall. Mason said he did not want to see diplomas, he wanted to see report cards. His perfect reasoning is that if the doctor got A in Kidney but C in heart, and Mason had a heart problem, he is in the wrong place.

I need to try to help a friend by finding a great immigration lawyer but not a generalist. I need someone with lots of experience in dealing with Brazilian immigration issues quite complex. Any references would be appreciated.


Today is “D” Day at Locatel. My six months of prescriptions are supposed to be ready to be picked up. I, and others on my behalf, have spent in excess of 20 hours trying to get this done.


Go Ukraine

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