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Friday, December 16, 2022

Today is our last day in Florence until we return the end of May for just short of three weeks. This is an unscheduled trip, but our son Charles and his family wanted to come to Italy in early June, after Alanna graduates from high school. So instead of returning to Florida when our cruise ends in Barcelona, we will come to Florence and wait for our family.

The cost of our flight is included in the cost of the cruise. Most cruise lines provide a credit to the cruise fare if one does not use the airline flights provided. Seabourn is different. The cost is the same whether you fly or not.

I think everyone who goes on a cruise knows this or should know it, but it is strongly recommended never to fly to meet a ship the day the cruise leaves. Always arrive at least one day before. Of course, if the cruise leaves from, let’s say Bangkok, one might spend quite a bit of time in the area before the cruise leaves. We once started in Bangkok and spent two weeks before the cruise in Japan and Vietnam. I vividly recall that, with all the traffic in Bangkok, it took longer to go from the airport there to the ship than it took to travel from our hotel in Saigon to land in Bangkok. We still went the day before because our ship stayed in Bangkok harbor the first night.


Yesterday I turned down my chance to be part of Trump’s campaign cabinet. I really had to think about it, but, on balance, decided that a root canal procedure without anesthetic was preferable. I ask all my readers to report in once you have obtained Trump’s NFT at a cost of $99.. The man really is crazy, but there are a lot of crazies out there and some buy this crap. A new first for a former President.


Boris Becker was released earlier than expected in England and deported back to Germany. I felt bad about Becker’s financial travails. I watched him play many times. He was a great player, a good sportsman, and probably the only German I have ever rooted for.


There are a lot of really great songbook albums. However, over the past two days at my farewell concert, I have been listening over and over to Ella’s Gershwin collection. Arranged by Nelson Riddle, it is perfect in every way. I thinkIra Gershwin observed that he did not know he and George wrote such great music until he heard Ella sing it.


I found this an interesting change in careers. Charlie Baker, a Republican ending his second term as Governor of Massachusetts, is becoming President of the NCAA.


It is amazing to me that only nine House Republicans joined all the Democrats to vote not to put our country into default by voting to pass a stop gap measure for a week which a larger Bill is being worked on. What is the matter with these people?


Son Steven is recovering nicely from hip replacement surgery. Bobby had to have more surgery yesterday, but reports are it went well. David, who was at the White House for the signing of the Marriage Equality Bill is on his way to Vegas without me, but I could not get back in time to go with him. Harper was deferred on early decision at NYU. Whatever happens, she will go to a good school, but I just hate it when children and grandchildren suffer disappointments.


Go Ukraine

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