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Friday, August 4, 2023

Granddaughter Kasey, an incoming freshmen at Fort Lauderdale High, pulled off the

impossible and was asked to join the varsity volleyball team. Wow!


Came home exhausted after my first nine plus hour day working in quite sometime. It was still fun. I would retire if it were not, or if I felt I could no longer do a first rate job.


Today is my last day of taking antibiotics. Two weeks was more than enough,


Trump was arraigned and I have a few comments:

1 He was referred to as “Mr. Trump” and I love it.

2. Not a single family member was in the courtroom. Not his Wife, not a child. What does that tell you.

3. The Judge, my former partner, is going to set a trial date in about a month. Think it is clear she has no intent of delaying the trial until after the election. Three cheers.

4. I did not see or hear of any pro Trump crowds around the courthouse. However, what I really think should have happened is that there should have throngs of patriotic American cheering the fact that a traitorous citizen, was finally, hopefully, on his way to jail where you or I would already be a year ago. It is time the Republicans show some backbone and stop with the bullshit excuses. Trump tried to steal our democracy—-plain and simple. This is not rocket science folks. He lost the election, he knew he lost it and he had no regard for our country, only for himself. Trump does not have a lawful bone in his body. Lock him up, lock him up.

5. Is it good or healing for our country for Trump to go to jail? No but the alternatives are worse. No person can be above the law if the rule of law is to survive. If you do not agree, more to Hungary. Florida is getting too expensive.

6. If the Special Prosecutor is as smart as I think he is, he should voluntarily fast track all discover the defense could possibly want. He should not wait to be asked because, Trump’s lawyers, in order to delay the trial will not ask for the discovery, take every day the Judge gives them to ask and then ask for more time. Every record, every witness statement, any document the defense could possibly want should be brought to them in wheelbarrows right away.

7. Someone or some team in the Justice Department should role play—-assume they are representing Trump and neutralize every possible basis for delay. Be pro-active. Do not wait to be asked.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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