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Friday, April 29, 2002

I have a question. If citizens can be registered automatically for jury duty, why cannot they be registered automatically to vote?

Here is another question. If Germany can teach school children about the holocaust, why cannot we teach our children about slavery?

My last question for today is why do pharmacy companies spend millions advertising their drugs on television? Do they really think patients go to their doctor requesting something they were told on television to consider using? ————————- Marlins win again. Great road trip. Not a lot of offense but enough to win, and, obviously, great pitching. ————————- The euros is now $1.05. I think this is the strongest the dollar has been for about five years. Whether it keeps getting stronger no one can predict with certainty, at least I cannot, but my sense is that what Putin does will be an important factor. —————————- Many great societies have come and gone. The society in which we live has prospered longer than many and shorter than others. Not everyone lives at the time a particular society crumbles. It is no great honor to be alive to watch our society go to the brink of disintegrating, but my grandchildren, maybe even my children, could well be able to observe that their grandparents were still alive at the time a great democracy went under mostly because white wealthy Christian men could not tolerate all citizens having equal rights and opportunities. —————————— Now I can go back to discuss something really important —the pro football draft. What stands out is that no quarterback or running back went in the first round. Michigan had two players that were first round picks.

One pick was from Northern Iowa. Can you imagine how he must have dominated in the league his team played? ——————————— Our party last night was a big success. Everyone had a nice time and appreciated the fact that we served the highest quality food available. The drinks were also very good, but when it comes to wine, I think it is impossible to say “there is none better” because personal taste plays such an important part. ———————————- My Foundation is starting to gain some traction. I have two major problems. I can no longer raise funds by asking friends, really for two reasons. First, I do not like asking for money. Second, virtually every friend I ask will say “yes”, but then they ask me to donate to whatever charity they support. I was ending up matching most gifts I received which I simply could not do.

Another major problem, and you will be shocked to hear this, is that it occurred to me that I am not immortal. I need someone to take over the Foundation as its President. This is much easier said than done, because it requires someone dedicated to music in Florence who has time to commit and is able to make a financial commitment for a nontrivial annual donation.

This issue just became particularly relevant because we now have the opportunity to put a new person, perhaps two new ones, on the Board. ———————————— Off to Corazzano for lunch today with the Wheatleys and the Davidsons. Great people and great place. —————— Go Ukraine.

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