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Friendship in Florence

This made my day.

It is nice to reconnect with people from a bygone era and to see how their lives evolved. There is also something about Florence and visiting in our home here that creates an environment for really meaningful conversation. There is no discussion of the rhubarb crop here! Thank you for the kind words.

"A few weeks ago I discovered that James Fox Miller (former florida Bar president and nationally renowned Family Law attorney , and a long time flash from the past friend, now lives in florence with his equally accomplished wife Barbara. They invited me to lunch yesterday in their magnificent apartment ! What a treat! Despite Jim’s having just sustained a fall ending up in a broken leg, they managed to be incredibly gracious hosts and we had a marvelous visit. I am sure I overstayed my welcome , but I could have stayed all night listening to Jim and his words of wisdom on all things from friendships to marriage and family to law and politics. He and his amazing wife, now both over 80, work every single day , and are completely devoted to each other and their family of three kids and several grandchildren. Jim is a rare breed, they just don’t come along like him . It was a very very special treat to be in their company. Also could not believe that one of my colleagues is 83!!! Where did the time go!!! Just when I was bemoaning and counting my years to keep working , I see a guy who doesn’t have to lift a finger for the rest of his days, and yet (he and Barbara) keep actively working, staying fit and healthy, contributing to the community to make things happen, to make a difference, and to contribute to something bigger than themselves! Truly inspiring!also florence was fabulous as ever, getting warmer and more crowded , but such a joy to hop in the train and arrive in one of the most magnificent centers in the world! Thank you Jim and Barbara for your gracious hospitality and special friendship ! See you again soon!" -- Giuliana Gerace

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