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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

I do not know who else may not be available to vote, but I do know that Senator Burr, a Republican from North Carolina, is out for a week due to hip surgery. Whether the Democrats can use this fact to their advantage, I do not know.

However, what I do know and learned from the Republicans is that all is fair in politics so I do not have any problem if Schumer can find a way to take advantage of Burr’s absence.

If asked whether there was ever a time when I would have a different opinion, frankly, I do not know. I never followed politics until the Pandemic hit and I started watching television. I realized that the Rule of Law, something I had cherished my whole professional life, was quickly going up in smoke.


In Alaska, Palin has asked her Republican opponent to drop out. He has refused. That refusal could well allow the Democrat Peltola to keep the seat she just won for a few months. The Democrats need every possible break to hold on to control of the House. I really detest Kevin McCarthy along with several other Republican House members (Gaetz and Greene, for example) and the thought of the Republicans taking control of the House scares me to death.


He is only a county Commissioner in New Mexico, but Couy Griffin was barred by a State District Court from ever holding public office again. The reason was the role Griffin played in the insurrection of January 6. Yeah!


Biden is right. You cannot have democracy if you support violence when you do not like the result of an election. However, we all need to keep our eye on what it will take to turn this Country around.

I posted this separately, but it bears repeating and repeating again. The future of our nation is in the hands of the women in this country. Every woman must register and vote Democratic. Nothing else matters until that loop is closed.

If the Democrats stay in control, most of the other issues will be resolved in part or in full. If the Republicans win either the House or the Senate, we who care about keeping our rights are doomed.

Women have been fighting unsuccessfully to be treated equally. They have failed because men have been in control. This is the first time in our history that women have the power in their own hands to gain the stature they have long deserved.

Before this coming mid-term, women have had an excuse for their political failures, but not this time. If they vote out of office the Republicans who have gone on record supporting the ban on all, ALL abortions, they will get legislation codifying Roe. v Wade. No American will have to worry about whether they can marry the person they love or use contraception.

What boggles my mind is how anyone who is a woman or cares about a woman could not vote a straight Democratic ticket. Maybe as a man, I have a conflict of interest taking this position. After all, no man is required to assist in the support, financial or emotional, of the children this outrageous court decision requires women to birth.

I really like writing about lots of subjects, but the right thing to do is to just write each day about abortion and its progeny. Gas is getting cheaper. Inflation will come under control.

Our borders are a major problem but, soon if we do not do something our female population will be headed to Mexico where abortion is constitutional.

The Republican Party, once the Grand Old Party, is no more. I know it is hard, but there are no more great Republicans. Trump and his cohorts ate them up and spit them out. The solution can only be at the ballot box so I urge you to vote and get others to vote. Not voting is the same as voting Republican. A landslide is needed because there are still many Republicans dedicated to cheating, having false electors and so forth.

Only two months from now. You do not have to sacrifice years. Just work your ass off for 8 or 9 weeks and reap the benefits for your lifetime and the lifetime of those who come after you.



Marco Rubio on the Intelligence Committee may be the biggest “political oxymoron” in recent history. In his defense of Trump, Rubio maintains the secret and highly secret documents Trump wrongfully took and keep haphazardly at home is nothing more than a “storage issue”.


Another one run loss for Marlins.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

P.S. She learned to swing with Prima and went on to have a very successful career once they got divorced. Prima had a major zipper problem

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