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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Yesterday, today, and probably for the balance of the week, Hurricane Ian has taken over just about everything. We had very heavy rain most of the day and a tornado watch last evening .

Our generator is up and, presumably, running. We have enough food and water, without having gone shopping, to take care of dozens of people for a month so we'll just sit it out.

I do not think we will ever be in the eye of the storm, but of course we will experience some of the consequences. All schools and courts already announced they are closed for at least the next two days. Some airports are already closed etc.

The January 6 Committee, not wanting to compete with the hurricane, cancelled the hearing scheduled for today. I think that was a smart move.


The Dolphins were very lucky to beat the Bills last Sunday. Buffalo had several key injuries and some bad breaks, but that is football. What surprises me, based on everything I saw and read, is that the Buffalo players were apparently surprised by the heat. Really? Every team that has visited South Florida in the history of the Dolphin franchise has had the same problem. The heat should not be any more of a surprise than the oxygen level in Denver.

Yes, it was hot, but I have been at many games when it was hotter. I think I have to blame the Buffalo coaching staff for not taking the steps necessary to help their players be ready. Dolphin teams have similar problems when they go to Green Bay and have to acclimate to the cold and snow. I expect when Dolphins play in Buffalo, it will not be pretty, but that is why they play the game.

I add the following. Yes, the Dolphin bench is on the shade side of the field, but the field itself is the same temperature for both teams. The Bills’ game plan was to keep the ball away from the Miami offense. They were enormously successful, as I do not recall a more lopsided time of possession. But the funny thing about football is that for every second the Bills’ offense was on the field getting exhausted, the Dolphin defense was also on the field. The defense was in better shape than the offense, and that is coaching.


It can come as no surprise that I intensely dislike Governor DeSantis. There is not a chance in a thousand or ten thousand or any number that would cause me to vote for him.

It can also come as no great surprise that I do not think highly of of the intelligence of the average Florida voter. DeSantis ranks with the Nation’s worst Governors and Rubio and Scott rank with the worst Senatorial duos.

Just supporting candidates that favor no abortion even in the case of rape or incest is enough to curdle my blood and for me to lose respect for anyone who supports this view.

The stunt DeSantis pulled by the inhumane act of shipping Venezuelan immigrants to Massachusetts should be enough to put DeSantis in jail. He has done a number of other things and taken a number of other positions that are totally abhorrent to me, but seem to just skip over the head of millions of uniformed and/or ignorant and/or apathetic Floridians.

These kinds of issues just do not affect so many Floridians who are happy on the golf course or spending most of their days on tennis courts or in card rooms. These voters have enough money that gas prices are not really an issue and if groceries cost more, many care and many do not.

DeSantis has been able to skip along spending millions of taxpayer dollars on issues most disagree with if they paid attention, but they don’t pay attention as their lives have not changed in any dramatic fashion. They have enough wine, and life goes on. DeSantis has been allowed to get away with murder facing only token resistance because virtually ever Republican Legislator has abdicated his or her Constitutional responsibilities.

Now, just about six weeks before his election, this hurricane is going to be a huge test for DeSantis. He is not going to be able to “wing it”. Mother Nature is not going to give a shit about what DeSantis thinks. Our Governor is actually going to be put to one of the rare tests he has had to face in his first term as Governor. How he handles things is going to be seen by everyone, and everyone is going to be affected in one way of the other.

DeSantis is not going to be able to bully his way through this hurricane. No grandstanding is going to help the people of Florida displaced from their homes or without electric or enough food and water. The time is great. It will be interesting to see if DeSantis can actually govern.


It is important to note that President Biden has already stepped in big time to help Floridians deal with the hurricane. He treated DeSantis, who stands for everything Biden abhors, as a colleague in need. There was no “ I am blue and you are red so go f—k yourself”. That is how Trump would have handled it.


Remember 64% of the Republican Party want us to be a Christian Country. “Heil GOP!”

Marlins beat the Mets but only the Met fans care.


Good luck everyone in dealing with not just the weather, but the ripple effect of that weather. Our son Charles was scheduled to go up to Vassar to see Grandson Jaden. Cannot see how that happens. Spoke to Jaden for almost an hour yesterday. Our first grandchild about to be 20. Oh my!


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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