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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Fun walk off win for Marlins. Burger was a great acquisition. Tonight go with daughter Beth,.


Spent almost all day working on house. Finally got gutters installed. New painter is doing really well and is as pleasant as the first one is unpleasant, and as carefull as the other is negligent.


I confess to be amazed and disappointed by how slowly Judge Chutkin is taking to rule on two important issues.


Biden did a good job at the United Nations.


Did you know, and this is not a joke, that after the Dolphin v Patriot game , a Dolphin fan punched a Patriot fan, and killed him?


I am getting better, but still hurt all over and still the color purple.


I finally did hear from my Tenple, but decided, on balance, I was better off declining. I did.


I do not text very well, particularly when people use letters. I always thought BWT meant “by the way” but now it means “bring the wheelchair”, BFF means “best friend fell’.


I hate to conclude that I think a government shutdown is inevitable. We have had a disfunctional government before but never this bad.


What do you think of the Senatedropping it’s dress code? I would prefer not to see our Senators in sweats. My sense is very few, other than Fetterman, will not wear suits.


I really like the Governor of Pennsylvania. For you rednecks, Pennsylvania is in the northeast.


Sorry I do not have much to say, but what is going on in Washington is the same old crap, and I have not had time to write any “think pieces”.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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