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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

You all know how much I dislike Donald Trump. I dislike him so much that my feelings have caused me to analyze more carefully the reasons for the intensity of my hatred. Previous, to Trump I would say “I hate no one except Hitler” but that has turned out not to be true. I hate Trump.

It is not that he is selfish, spoiled, bigoted, immoral, lazy, spoiled, incompetent or any number of other things. It comes down to the one word. The man is “corrupt”.

I cannot accept that the leader of the free world turned out to be a crook. I cannot accept that still millions of people support him. I cannot accept that virtually every Republican except Cheney, Kinzinger and a few others, will not stand up to Trump instead of selling their souls to him.

We have never had a President who is even close to being as corrupt as Trump and it just makes me mad as hell.


Aaron Rodgers is not my favorite guy. In fact, I think he is an asshole. Rodgers, who is having trouble being worth what the Packers are paying him, has expressed his unhappiness that Djokovic was not allowed to play in the U.S Open because he is unvaccinated. My view:: mind your own business. Excuse me. I could not care less about what you think about anything outside of football.

By the way, I think Schilling is worse.


I have been a trial lawyer my entire professional life, now over 55 years. By that I mean that although I believe in settlements, and settle the vast majority of my cases, I spent a great deal of my time either in a courtroom or getting ready to be in a courtroom. However, I always tried to streamline the issues and only asked a judge to resolve any issue when I could not. As Merle Litman, a really street smart litigator, taught me well over 50 years ago, “Pick up the phone Miller, it is a wonderful instrument, and then you can file papers and go to court”.

Whatever happened to that approach? Trump’s lawyers and the D.O.J’s lawyers cannot even agree on who pays the special master or advances the funds without prejudice. Apparently, the D.O.J ‘s position is, “You wanted the master, you pay for it". I hate taking issues like that to the judge.

After I started this post, I learned that there may be a stipulation on the identity of the special master. That is good because who knows what Cannon would do. Of course, she cannot approve the stipulation.


Ken Starr died. He was smart but not in my top 500,000 jurists.


West Virginia passed a very strict abortion law. There is an exception for incest which is good, particularly in West Virginia. Now the issue remains where if you get divorced there, you are still brother and sister. ————————

Nice dinner with David and Amy last night but I cannot eat or drink like I used to.


I knew bad inflation numbers yesterday could turn the futures market from up to down, but down over 1200 points is outrageous.


Lindsey Graham could turn out to be the Democrats’ best friend.


The Russian army is not doing well and cracks are beginning to show in Putin’s power.


We need both Obamas and Bill Clinton to hit the campaign road.


Another one run loss for the Marlins. If they had won half the games they lost by one run this season, they would be in the playoffs.

Pujols is at 697. He says he is retiring even if he is at 699 at end of this season. We will see.


Trainer comes back in an hour after being away for a week. However, I did what was I was supposed to do every day in his absence which is both good and unusual.


Go Ukraine and vote as if your life depended upon it.

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