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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

When I fell a Sunday, I was really lucky not to break of fracture anything. However, the entire right side of my body is so sore that I could hardly move. I look like one big black and blue mark. It was not a fun day.

By the way one of the great jazz classics, made famous by Louis, is “Black and Blue”. Listen to it many times until you understand the lyrics which are profound.


One thing I can give credit to McCarthy about, and there are not many, is that he sold his soul but he delivered. If he did what was best for the country, he should say, circumstances have changed, I am breaking the deal so take your best shot”


Marlins got only two hits, one run in two games and lost again to Brewers 3 to 1. Not good.


When is the last time the lunatics were in charge of the asylum? Our government shuts down September 30, they are impeaching a President without a shed of evidence he did anything to justify the action, one moron Alabama Senator is putting our entire military at risk, and major issues are being totally ignored for reasons that very few understand.


Meadows needs to lose his appeal and be forced to trial asap. Trump needs to lose his motion to recuse. Adjudication of these and related issues must be fast tracked. I would want this if I were innocent.


Is the strategy of the House Democrats to just standby and say “my dog ain’t in the fight?" If it is, I vehemently disagree.


In the latest polls, both Trump and DeSantis trail Biden in a head to head race. Hard to figure why it is even close, but the majority of our electorate just does not care. Democrats need to focus on regestering. Voters and then getting them to the polls. Gaetz, Greene and Boebert is what we get if we do not work on this. And, do not forget Santos.


Alabama is going back to the Supreme Court. They really are a mess in that State. Aside from the voting rights case, their abortion policy is Draconian. Alabamans will be punished if they seek abortions in States much more liberal.


See you tomorrow. At least that is my plan.


Go Ukraine

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