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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

I have read that 10 out of 2 people are dyslexic. ——————————- Adidas finally cut its ties with Kanye West. Where is the Republican leadership on the anti-semitism issues?

Why is Marco Rubio on this with all the Jewish vote in Florida, and why aren’t the Democrats shouting from the rooftops on this issue? Dumb, dumber and dumbest. —————————. Yesterday was son Charles’ actual birthday. Very festive lunch at Rocco’s Tacos on Las Olas. Then Barbara and I did some shopping for a young couple who just had a baby. Lunch was about three hours so no dinner necessary. ————————- Good day in the market, but today, with both Google and Microsoft missing their numbers, I would be surprised if the market is up. —————————— The Justice Department could be closing in on Trump. I sure hope so! ————————— The fact that Rubio is ahead of Demmings just mystifies me. Jews, Blacks,Gays, Ukrainians, women, anyone with half a brain, what do you like about him? ———————- I did not hear the Oz-Fetterman debate, but I am told Ozscrewed up big time on the abortion issue. The Democrats must win the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania if they are to get control of the Senate. ————————- Meanwhile, the customary unity in the Republican Party is showing some cracks. The Republican Party in Alaska has censured Mitch McConnell. —————————- This is hard to believe, but I read that Republican Senator Tuberville from Alabama admitted to not knowing the three branches of government. Can you just imagine this guy and Hershel Walker in the United States Senate? ————————- Why is it that the closer I get to a urinal, the worse I have to go? Anyone else have that experience? And speaking of urinals, I renew my theory that the time to wash one’s hands is before not after doing one’s business.

Yesterday Barbara reminded me of my other oft stated view that women should have been given a third breast in the middle of their back -- for dancing purposes. Ballroom dancing would still be alive and thriving. —————————- When I got up at 4:30 to finish this blog, Barbara was already downstairs working. If the Democratic vote in Broward County, the key to all of Florida, does not get out, it will not be because my Wife did not expend every ounce of effort in her mighty little body. —————————— Who will Trump announce today he intends to sue? —————————- I am learning a great deal reading The Mosquito Bowl. We won WWII, if there is such a thing as a “win” when so many die or are severely injured, but we made a whole lot of mistakes. There is much to be very proud of, but far from everything .

Also learning a lot about college football in this era. Some players played as many as 8 years in various colleges. ——————————- The new Prime Minister of Great Britain is worth almost $1 Billion. ————————— Another reminder all you supporters of Ukraine. If the Republicans win, McCarthy has already said our support for Ukraine will be cut. Add that to a Federal Abortion Ban and Medicare and Social Security being in jeopardy, and tell me again why you are voting Republican. Oh you did not like having to wear a mask? Give me a f—-g break. —————————— Go Ukraine and vote as if your life and our Democracy depends upon it. —————————-

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